RWD: Death

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Well I had this sitting in my hard drive for awhile, its been so close to done for the longest time.
I finally finished it up today and here it is. Rather than making some bitter userpage post (and im not bitter at all), I thought I'd make my exit from the RWD by killing myself and everyone.

Had alot of fun and no bitter feelings whatsoever. Special thanks to Dei-Sama for being a good sport and allowing me to parody their parody. I felt like the only real way to do an RWD entry justice was to parody something. So I did. Anyway thats alllll... If you want to check out the original Dei-Sama entry this little short was based on, check it out here:

http://www.newgrounds.com /portal/view/498759


Great and for the record...

To all those who are saying "OMG STOLEN!!!11!ONE", Dei actually reviewed this flash, and liked it, and it's a parody of her flash, so do please shut up.

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Absolutely priceless. I'd like to see another parody like this. p:

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It was alright.

It was an okay parody of Cooking Sama, with your death of course! And people stop saying it's stolen!!! This is a PARODY of Cooking Sama, not a copy.

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I'm a fan of Dei-Sama's animations. And I still give you 9. That means I'm intelligent, right? :D

Nah seriously there's nothing wrong about doing a parody on Cooking-Sama, and it was well animated, so there you go.

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ive seen it before

i thought it was funnier as cooking mama's

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Sep 28, 2010
1:41 PM EDT
Comedy - Parody