RWD: Death

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Well I had this sitting in my hard drive for awhile, its been so close to done for the longest time.
I finally finished it up today and here it is. Rather than making some bitter userpage post (and im not bitter at all), I thought I'd make my exit from the RWD by killing myself and everyone.

Had alot of fun and no bitter feelings whatsoever. Special thanks to Dei-Sama for being a good sport and allowing me to parody their parody. I felt like the only real way to do an RWD entry justice was to parody something. So I did. Anyway thats alllll... If you want to check out the original Dei-Sama entry this little short was based on, check it out here:

http://www.newgrounds.com /portal/view/498759


Clearly meant to be funny...

But I didnt laugh.

I smirked a little when he started twisting the guys nipple, but thats it.

This is most certainly spam

However, this is spam of the excellent variety. Its like you got portal submission spam, removed all the bad parts and replaced it with 72 ounces of good.

Its sad to see that you're leaving RWD because they seem to be the only "spam group" that isn't consistently flooding the portal with terrible submissions

But more related to the submission itself, this was a brilliant parody of Cooking Sama.

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It was funny.

I have seen Dei-Sama Work, this work maybe it's based on it, but it definitely it has the old humor that RWD used to have. I haven't put an ear on the gossiping inside the portal but I saw that something wasn't good on the crew when the logo started to have less members on the crew, and now it's Luis the one who left, it was funny to see lazy muffin giving a kiss, and almightyhans dying with his typical cigarrete, nice short. I hope to someday know what the hell happened.

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where do I remember this from?

I know I seen this but this one was funny lol.

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Why would you be bitter?

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Sep 28, 2010
1:41 PM EDT
Comedy - Parody