Chaos Genocide Episode 1

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Hey guys My first flash i experimented with tutorials and stuff i saw and boom in a few days of hard work and looking for sound files Chaos Genocide was Formed. if u notice any similarities to smbz its mainly because im hevily inspired by that series im not stealing and his fight scenes are just epis


Not that bad, but short...

Need buttons :)

ShawnArtwork1 responds:

haha thanks for the review yea it was very short i agree but im not good with buttons could you tell me how to make a play/scene select screen :)

Not terrible

Probably one of the best "first flash" submissions I've seen. Things to work on: Make sure you give the viewer enough time to read the text. I knew what you were going to say, but it flew by really fast sometimes, and on another screen it stayed up there a bit too long, just something to think about. The running scene just seemed to loop pointlessly (at the beginning). I would add some background scenery and a change of backgrounds to make it look as if he's actually running. The fight scenes were okay, just avoid using such a corny background like the lightning picture you used. Other than those minor things I noticed, you've got potential. I'd say improve on those things and some others - you'll be golden :)

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ShawnArtwork1 responds:

Thank you so much man i appreciate the great advice i will definitely keep all this in mind and maybe could you tell me how to add the background scenery that would help since im new to all of this :)


you're a naruto-dragon ball fan?

ShawnArtwork1 responds:

yes i am

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2.52 / 5.00

Sep 28, 2010
8:20 AM EDT