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Dream travel

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Sooo... I was working on something else, but 3 weeks ago my new tablet arrived and I got to test it.

The old tablet was so terrible that I had to scan my drawings and vetorize it later, now I can draw directly on flash. It's amazing! It makes lines and circles and all other kind of shapes!

So I asked my friend for one of his songs and started working over it immediatly, improvising anything that came on my mind. It ended up not being entertaining or funny or anything, just a "let's practice some flash" kinda stuff. It was fun to do, but I'm not glad of the final result, and that proves that I'm a better script writer than animator! Yet, I'm happy with what I've learned doing it, and every single silly flash I do, is one step further to starting my not so silly web series(es)! Also, I may quit my job soon, it's killing me! After that, I'm pretty sure my animations will get a lot better.

I wasn't sure if I would post this one here, it's worse than my last one and I've put even less effort into it, so... It's a regression? I don't know, you tell me. Yeah, I really hated it...

Edit: Oh, the song author is named Paulo Zucco.
Also, it have an easter egg!

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Story was pretty good and you clearly got talent with a tablet you truely drew a decent emotional animation. I would of loved to of seen a more solid ending but overall not bad at all the art style was very good and am looking forward to more work

yeah i remember when i first got my massive tablet

... it was awesome.

The drawings in this flash were great. But the lines were a bit dodgy.. you need to work on drawing your lines smoother. I liked it how you animated to the music. Good shit.

Well done - 4/5

Steinberg responds:

Yeah, I always had problems with lines, the way I draw works well on paper, but since I started drawing on the computer I'm having a lot of trouble getting rid of all those years of dodgy lines and bad drawing habits.
Thanks for your review! =)


Nice little animation, music is fitting story is fine, I would have kept the dream parts pencil colored all during the movie, it would have given a troubleless childhood feeling, I really love the negative images in it also, some conclusion or the phisicall presentation of the emotions could have benne a bit more detailed and expanded, cause it's now doesn't feel like it has a proper end.

I give an 8.

Steinberg responds:

I'm glad you liked it. And, I agree with your review. I don't like the ending either, but couldn't figure out another ending that would fit with the music timing.

You have some serious potential.

I may not have much to review, but I've been on this site quite awhile, and what you display here is some talent. Your animation isn't as smooth as others', but you have decent art skills and for a beginning flash submitted to Newgrounds, it's better than expected and way better than the average starting flashes. If you want to get better, maybe the flash tutorials on this site will help you, but with time comes experience. Great work, and I hope to see you again one day for winning an award.

Steinberg responds:

Thank you very much, I will keep practicing. =)
And I'm pretty sure you will see me soon getting some awards! I'm working on flash nonstop. Actually, my last submission got a daily 4th. Check it out, it have chainsaws like your username! =P