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Sorry it looks a bit rough but it was done with a number of adobe suit programs and intended to be a stand alone short film. As such, though it was animated and created in flash, it's been a process converting and cutting it back down to a flash format.

For a better version:

My youtube:

http://www.youtube.com/us er/cosmicdragon?feature=m hum

and my blog and stuff:


thanks for checking it out,



"verrrry nice"

Great job, you can see all the effort you put into the film!


Kaloian responds:

but you gave me a zero... Im very confused

i didnt like it

i didnt like it very much, this isnt me insulting anyone or being abusive, i am voicing my opinion, but it was terrible.

the scarecrow was annoying to look at, and when the crows attacked that...thing... the attack looked unrealistic, also what was that thing they killed? and why did it want to kill crows

Kaloian responds:

Surprisingly I'm not a big fan of it myself. I think the acting needs more time and believability and the events don't seem to mend together too well. The animation could be livelier and more fluid. But as far as short films go I cold have done much worse starting out and I do like the designs for the most part.

To each their own, I'm not offended.

Incredible much?

Wow, smooth and fluid animation, great characters, cool story.
This was right up my tree, great work!
Was a little short and looked rough, like you said, but i won't go mad about small stuff like that.
Continue, do more, proceed and other words that might make you carry on with this kind of work. Looking forward to more like this.

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Kaloian responds:

Cool, thanks. Theres a better quality version here if you wanted to see it:
I think thats the full res. of the film.

I have some ideas for things to work on but there short fun things that have a completely different feel to this.


this was incredible dude.
the animation was fluid, the sound effects were great.
I could even sympathies with the characters.
great work dude.

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Kaloian responds:

Thanks, glad you liked it.

ok its a short animated film...

... so why did you upload it to the games section?

Kaloian responds:

DID I?! I didn't mean to and I don't think I did but I will have to change this. Thanks.

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4.39 / 5.00

Sep 27, 2010
11:29 PM EDT
  • Daily Feature September 29, 2010