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Gray - Simulator

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A character-simulator for the protagonist "Gray", of my upcoming game. It's a part of my Animation and Interactivity project. The simulator contains 5 animations:


Any feedback will be appreciated!


i like it!

the animations cool to watch

TBearify responds:

Ty (:

You have my vote

I vote a 5 and I give you 10 for the first work. I'm sure once your project will be finish that this will be a nice masterpiece. Keep the good work !!

TBearify responds:

Thanks man! I'll make sure to not let you down when the product is finished :)

Wheeeeeee *crash*

Love it, it's really cute. But the jumping, man!! It's...pretty bad. I mean, not the animation, you have that downpat. But it barely gets you off the ground, and would be totally useless in gameplay.

I look forward to the finished product!! the game itself promises ultimate cute-osity!!!

I love how he smashes into the wall.

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TBearify responds:

Haha, I love seeing people who enjoy running into my walls : D I'll make sure to do something about the jump animation, and cute is to be promised! Thanks SpiteCat :]


Had a lot of fun making him run into the walls! I like the way he speeds up to the run. Nice design and animation, I look forward to abusing him more soon. ;-p

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TBearify responds:

Thanks Young, there will be lots of abusing in the future [: Running into walls is great fun!

Graphics look nice...

controls respond, and all that. I read your responses to coments and I see that the reason it's on newgrounds is so that it can get feedback and you can put it on your progress blog, so I understand that you don't really need all the griping about it not being finished, so I'll try to make this part quick... while it seems reasonable to have a progress blog, depending on how often you show progress it's a lot of clutter for the site. If you make games alot anyway I suggest you make your own site so that you can do this sort of thing without having to worry that one of your links suddenly stops working because it got blammed or somthing, though I understand that will probably result in less feedback. I feel like you haven't really left people much to give feedback on at all at this point though.
Well as I said, I love the animation style, reminds me of Fancy Pants adventure. I have run around for about two minutes and it doesn't seem to be glitching. The jump should be higher I think, because at this point I can't imagine it'd be useful at all, that being said, if you can pull of making this tiny jump effective in gameplay then it'll be fine if you don't jump high. There is also one more thing, when you jump into a wall it seems like it waits till you land to do the crash animation, which looks a bit odd, so I suggest you animate a jumping crash also. Well I look forward to seeing this game when it finishes, looks like it'll be pretty good.

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TBearify responds:

Thank you thank you thank you! This is the kind of response that makes it worthwhile uploading on newgrounds. I'm going to fix the engine, as it's pretty much clumsy at the moment, and wouldn't last for a game. This is my first project on games, but if it goes very well I'll try to put my own site :) Also, you're absolutely right about the jump. I'll make sure I fix it for the finished product. Once again, thanks; I love responses like yours!

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2.54 / 5.00

Sep 26, 2010
5:20 PM EDT
Action - Platformer - Puzzle