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By popular demand, here is the new animated intro for Noah Antwiler's gaming and movie riffing site, the Spoony Experiment! (www.spoonyexperiment.com - link also in video) I'd always been a fan and when I heard him lament on his lack of an animated intro in one of his commentaries, I jumped at the chance. He gave me the music, and I spent three months (on and off) animating the rest.

The piece stands alright on it's own, though it is of course filled with references (which I listed in the menu), and I hope you guys get a laugh out of it. Even though it's just an intro, constructive criticism on animation etc, is always welcome.

About the Spoony Experiment: The Spoony Experiment is a collection of reviews, rants, and riffs by Noah Antwiler on every manner of obscure movie and game you never wanted to hear of, with a few notable exceptions. The most notorious of these is a 10 part playthrough of Final Fantasy VIII, which ripped the story and gameplay to shreds, and sparked controversy beyond belief. He's been making his way through a follow up review on Final Fantasy X, and just recently used this intro in his riff on a series of hilariously bad Wendy's training videos. Gamers and anyone enjoying a good rant is encouraged to check it out. The Spoony Experiment! Because bad games and movies deserve to be hurt back!
(Note: song Break Me used with permission from The Irresponsibles)


that rules

Though one guy looks like Linkara. lol Either way this intro rocks.

I love TSE.

I quite enjoyed this little tribute to Spoony. It's just chock full of references which date all the back to the beginning of the site. And the In-Jokes section is a nice touch, since you're definitely not going to get all the references in one sitting.

I think Spoony could be drawn a bit better, though.

you make me happy

just saying

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Sep 26, 2010
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