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By popular demand, here is the new animated intro for Noah Antwiler's gaming and movie riffing site, the Spoony Experiment! (www.spoonyexperiment.com - link also in video) I'd always been a fan and when I heard him lament on his lack of an animated intro in one of his commentaries, I jumped at the chance. He gave me the music, and I spent three months (on and off) animating the rest.

The piece stands alright on it's own, though it is of course filled with references (which I listed in the menu), and I hope you guys get a laugh out of it. Even though it's just an intro, constructive criticism on animation etc, is always welcome.

About the Spoony Experiment: The Spoony Experiment is a collection of reviews, rants, and riffs by Noah Antwiler on every manner of obscure movie and game you never wanted to hear of, with a few notable exceptions. The most notorious of these is a 10 part playthrough of Final Fantasy VIII, which ripped the story and gameplay to shreds, and sparked controversy beyond belief. He's been making his way through a follow up review on Final Fantasy X, and just recently used this intro in his riff on a series of hilariously bad Wendy's training videos. Gamers and anyone enjoying a good rant is encouraged to check it out. The Spoony Experiment! Because bad games and movies deserve to be hurt back!
(Note: song Break Me used with permission from The Irresponsibles)



Awesome, Becouse SWAT soldier IS ME!!!!!

Animation is OK, art is terrible.

Your characters are nowhere near anatomically correct, and I can tell you tried to get realism. I also think the animation is lacking every few seconds, and the sketchy image at the end looks better than anything in the animation.

That said, I think the tracing of Yuna's performance was pretty good. You worked it into the animation very smoothly, and I think you should expand on the concept of entering popular game characters into 'real' environments. I'm not sure if the show would every get done, though.

I tried out the FFX review, and I didn't see this intro, but the review was hilarious and awesome. I may have to be a fan now, so this animation did its job.

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RPGsrok responds:

Yeah, I am starting to wonder if I should look into anatomy more seriously. I will insist I wasn't as concerned with realism in this animation as I've been before, but it's no real excuse. The bitmap at the end is of course not my work, if that's what you meant (helps your argument I suppose lol)

I spent AGES on Yuna, so I'm glad you liked it. Worst part was I got the original footage but I couldn't import it so I was just tracing by eye. But as you observed, that level of detail would be completely insane to bring to everything, at least in a little project like this.

This intro has (so far) only been used in the TSE Riff Theater video - Wendy's Training Videos. But ya, I'm glad you liked his stuff! Definately look into the FF8 review, and also, if you wanna see his early style, check out The Thing. Thx for being civil in your review, hope you enjoy his work!


I loved it , u forgot the Benzae elf dance XDDDDDDDDDDDDDD
I loved it great stuff, I never saw a guy hate final fantasy more that Spoony.
I am super sure this will make his awesome show even cooler if he puts it in his intros.

the SWAT guy ... i could almost sweat he said "you are in my say sir" XD

RPGsrok responds:

This is his new intro man ^^ Check out the Wendy's training video under "TSE Riff theater" on his site's video list.

Great job, totally awesome!

Hahha, this is great! :) Would make an excellent series. Hope you'll work on it!

Not bad

But way too spontaneous, pretty good but now amazing.

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