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My friend hate me

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My friends....

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omg , i cant stand the voice xD

What's so funny?

The background story of this guy is amazing.
The singing is fantastic!
And the main story is just plain...sad.
I think I even dropped a tear.

I feel sorry.

I feel sorry for you bro. But hey, atleast you got friends! I sit at home all day long playing games I don't like, watching retarded vids I don't like, AND ITS ALL THANKS TO YOU!

(Btw, @Ericho, this was supposed to be sucky. Do'h)

I can see why (just kidding)

It was really weird to see something so different by such a professional guy that was not that good. I guess every now and then you guys are just bored and decide to submit a really spammy flash. This could have used a lot of work, like color in the background or at all. I know you can do much better than this, and you should have also put in a "Play" button. It gets a bit annoying when you have to listen to this. I will say that you did kind of a good job of making the guy sound really funny and stuff.

Oh jeez

From the guy that made power star? I'm so disappointed.