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Comedy - Parody

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Sep 24, 2010 | 9:04 PM EDT

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Author Comments

Update: I have updated the original file with a new version that has better quality audio.
I havn't animated anything in a while so I decided to animate this thing. I hope you guys like it. Yes I'm still working on ostrich jump 4 for anyone that cares, I got lots of other things going on however so time is an issue.



Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

Pretty funny

Well, the object of a trailer is to make you want to watch a movie, and so this one is a success.
Liked the voice over, nice and cheesy just like every Hollywood film.
For something that is really just a bit of fun, the animation was better than it needs to be. The mouths were especially well done.
Loved the burning chicken!
The art won't win any awards but it gets the job done.
Keep up the good work.

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Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

Entertaining trailer

Well, as trailers go, this has a lot of stuff, though it would probably be better in cutting it down a little more for time, giving you a chance to introduce actors names and so forth. Make it like a proper movie trailer, so to speak.

You've got some good action shots there and the way that the characters only have one leg is really well thought through. I personally can't wait to see the full production - multiple episodes are a must, in my opinion.

The animation may not be the best that anyone has ever seen, though it does come up with a very good portrayal of what you're trying to get across. Perhaps the idea of one of them sweating would be a nice touch, or getting out of bed (the freezer) in the morning. I also noticed the melting effect, where the one of the popsicles lying on the floor melted. With that, it's a little too CGI - try making something more animated that that and using advanced tweens to make it more smooth on the animation front. After all, as it's becoming a liquid, it needs to flow.

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Rated 4 / 5 stars


Okay, I totally see what you were going for, and personally, I think it's pretty funny. Others may not think so XD but I get it. The animation was done pretty well, and the drawings were decent - not amazing, but I can definitely tell what's going on. The voices were really funny and probably are what made the flash for me. I like the dramatic epic voice of the cop, lol. That and the weird ass old lady with the sword in her back. Cops reply: I dunno what the fuck you're talkin about. LOL I give you an 8 mostly for just pure good humor. Keep up the good work.

Oh and by the way I remember helping protect this when you submitted it ;) hah

The-Mercenary responds:

THANK YOU, I'm so glad that someone actually understood what they were watching. You may want to check out "Cave Avatars" when you get a chance, its a similar type of thing.


Rated 2.5 / 5 stars


Well the flash was ok in my point a view. There is a lot more good things I could say about it then bad.

The Jokes in this flash made me chuckle. I was not rolling on the floor laughing but just good enough to bring that small laugh. The voicing was to sketchy. It could be ignored but it could be better. The story was that kind of crappy hilarious story where its so simple that its awesome which is what a lot of movies live off of these days. And the idea to make them popcicles was real creative.

The animation in this flash could have taken more work. I would of liked to see more improvements on the art & animation for the next one. For being a trailer I can care less but the real thing you need it to be the best it can be. All the small stuff could be worked on like just the details, colors, texture, effects all that stuff. Spending 10 minutes on that wouldn't hurt and it would be better in the long run. I do not own flash though so I do not know how hard it is.

Overall just improve on the animation. The story to simple, jokes cheesy, and the voices were terrible. Some of that I liked though cause it gave the flash character and creativity. So please do your best with the animation and I would love to see this become a real thing.

Story - 7
Art & Animation - 4
Voices - 5
Overall - 5.333333333333 (rounded to 5)

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The-Mercenary responds:

this was a fake trailer thats making fun of the cheesyness of movie trailers and has bad voiceovers on purpose :(


Rated 1.5 / 5 stars

Keep Trying.

This is kind of an interesting idea and there were a few moments where I chuckled in my head.

Overall, however, I could see you didn't really try with your animation. You need to put effort into your work if you want to get high scores and good reviews. You obviously know how to use the program, and you have the skills to make a decent flash, but you aren't allowing yourself to reach a higher level.

Another thing that bothered me was the voice acting. It was good at times when the main character was speaking, because his voice kind of added to the humour, but at the beginning it was just a bit irritating.

You should definitely keep working with Flash. Eventually you will be very good with it. Add some more humour into your comedy flashes, and spend time on the final product.

-* Review Request Club *-

The-Mercenary responds:

Thanks, yea I didn't want to spend a whole lot of time on something that was just kind of animated on impulse. Sorry the voice acting was irritating, its what I was going for with the voices, but its more like an insight joke w/ friends. I probably could have cleaned it up more though.