Madness: Ascend

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Happy POST-Madness Day 2010!!!! A little late but I'm sure you guys still have the Madness vibe in the blood, am I right?

Well, This took some time and effort especially with the damn sound, it got unsynchronized and shit but I was able to fix it, and now here it is.

EDIT 1: At last! Front Page! Thx Tom. :3
Also, Thanks for all the positive reviews, kind words and favorites. I'm glad everybody could dig my vision of the Madness world.

Oh, a big thanks to Krinkels' who created this awesome series and gave us the freedom to draw doodles around it. ^_^
EDIT 2: WOW, Madness:Ascend just won 2nd Place Overall in the Madness Day Flash Contest. Thx NG!!
UPDATE: Ok, I just modified some sound FX glitches plus added some nice details like flower petals and birds! Also, I added BLOOD!!! I hope you enjoy it again.


NICE 10/10

cool story line bro :)

A Very Good Madness Flash

All in all, the title says everything I really want to say. The story was unique, a different way of looking at the madness world for sure, the art and animation was smooth, although It seemed to me like the first combat scene was a little stiff. Not bad, just, could have been more fluid, maybe a little less repetitive with the holes in their heads being the main cause of death.

Well Done. Hope you make another next Madness Day, or sooner!

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Nice one

The animation was nice and fluid , the animation wasn't that bad either and the story was easy to follow and kept me interested. The ending was, having watched all of the Madness movies on NG, I have to say very refreshing compared to the overly used and cliche endings of the other Madness movies with a few exceptions. Keep up the good work my friend!


at first i would've given it a 6/10 because it was kind of slow. But then i watched the end. Great job.

lol and mistake

the L33T agents have yellow blood not red,but it was funny on the end when hank had that thing on his chest that said "be alive" i thought it was going blow up that whole factory but to bad it didn't :|

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Sep 24, 2010
8:00 PM EDT