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Robot Wants Ice Cream

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Fed up with Kitty's shenanigans, Robot ejects him from the spaceship and flies off to Happy Ice Cream Planet with Puppy for a treat. When they arrive, things are not as they had hoped...

This is the grand finale of the Homerian epic Robot Wants saga, and you don't want to miss the SHOCKING TWIST ENDING. It's like M. Night Shyamalan, but no evil plants. And Robot wasn't dead all along. But otherwise, it's totally that.

Use the arrow keys to move. Collect power-ups to gain firepower and blast through enemies. Once you can shoot, X is the fire button. If you get a power-up and didn't pay attention to how it works, mouse-over the power-up icon for more information.

Click on "Normal" difficulty to change to "Madcap" before starting a new game if you want a real challenge (difficulty changes don't affect a game in progress). If you breezed through past Robot games, you're going to want the terror of Madcap Mode.

Extra keys:
P to pause
-/+ to change volume
0 to mute

If the game doesn't run, you may have to update your Flash player!


a f$%&ing master piece!!!

great story and the damn robot is the most nteresting thin in the whole universe i wonder why he wants all that stuff ??? well awsome work here kepp that up XDD

very nice

one of the better games on here.
adaptive difficulty...
enough comedy to keep it interesting...
and best of all ICE CREAM


Lol Great game. I especially loved the Bananarang. Swwweeetest gun ever!


Loved the addition of hearts, dying in one hit was kindof annoying in the others. At first I thought it was really small but after jumping high enough to see the UFO made it all better. Def a great addition to the Robot Wants series, and I know you say this is the final one, I still hope to see more!

Problem with the game

I'll vote on it when I get around to playing it.
I say this because, after the Flixel preloader finishes, the game screen stays black, and if I click on the game screen, Flash crashes. I tried this on different websites, on different browsers (boo IE), and the same problem happens.
I don't know what's going on here. I'm sure the game will be awesome, but for now, I can't play it.

Hamumu responds:

Upgrade your flash player, it requires flash 10.1.

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Credits & Info

4.48 / 5.00

Sep 24, 2010
6:38 PM EDT
Action - Shooter - Run 'n Gun