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Bubble Domination

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Bubble Domination is a simple strategy game. The goal is to conquer all Bubbles in water world. Lets go and became the greatest bubbler in the world!

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It's fun addicting and it also really really reminds me of a game i used to play years ago but i cant remember the name but i remember what it looks like its calming to play and fun too seriously aimia dude if you know the really real version because where did you get the idea from dude please tell me i miss the hell out of it

little easy

an alright game but i found it very easy. Once my atack to got 20+ all i did for most lvls was just constantly send out bubbles to attack from all the bubbles i controlled and this would wittle down and kill anything.


Okay, so...
This is kindof a rip-off.
There was this game, i forget what it was called, and it was EXACTLY like this, but with some kind of virus or space setting.
Now, i can't really vote low because you probably wrote the code and whatnot from scratch, but it's just that it's a clone. And the original was a bit better.
Still, i can see you put a lot of effort into this, which i congratulate you on.

terrific! addictive!

terrific game, very addictive - couldn't stop playing! a big thumbs up!


Really good fun, this. Enjoyed it muchly.

Couple of problems with the graphics - bubbles sometimes get stuck mid-flow - but otherwise a very nice job.