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Phrosh-tan - introduction

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well... i wanted to create my own tan; a recognizable character...
after i finished drawing and scanning it, i was like "hey, now you gonna fool around with paths in photoshop... why not use flash".
and so i did... very comfortable in editing paths and so on - the actual work of transferring the character was not very different to the usual photoshop method...
the animations were fun, because it was something completely new to face.
the eyes were quite hard to animate, but in the end the efford was worth it :).
i think i will do more flash... then something less static ^^.

but for my first try... yay ^_^

oh and btw: my site is currently available at www.youfail.de/users/phro sh/site due to some TLD troubles



Your animation sense its amazing, you have potential, i think.... it was a long and hard work ? Because you've take care of all the details, the hari, the eyes. The only thing you need now it's the sound. Impressive 9/10, 5/5

Phrosh responds:

thank you :3
well, in fact i dont't know how long it took anymore... but as far as i remember i was finished after two days. in fact it was fun to do - especially the details were for me ;).

Not bad.

The animation is pretty clean, and your character looks interesting. Try to make a skit or story around her next and you'll probably get a better score than what you did here. Keep up the good work; I'll be looking for it.

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Phrosh responds:

thank you for your constructive feedback :)
i definitely will make more out of her - she's my tan now ;).
this was the first picture i ever made of her, just to "construct" her. in fact this picture contains the whole body, including a cloak-like skirt and a huge and very epic sword :D.
i have to admit, i was just too lazy to animate the skirt and stuff floating in the wind because i think this would be very tough - especially for my first flash (not containing simple tween-test-shapes) xD. the next step i'm going to go with her is either animate the full body or imagine some movement or scenery for my chara. but i'm afraid i'm way too unimaginative for movements yet - still new to flash and anims ^_^.

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1.99 / 5.00

Sep 23, 2010
8:22 PM EDT