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Star Wars Battle 3

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Author Comments

Okay, we have Mace Windu running around... somewhere (because it doesn't matter. Let's just say it's the Death Star) and he's killing Storm Troopers (Not Clones, Storm Troopers) because he feels like it (Because Samuel L Jackson does whatever the F*** he wants to). Originally, it was going to be some guy with a yellow light saber... but who uses those? So I switched around a few things and we have Mace Windu.
Watch out for the music... there are minor bumps in the music when scenes change because I like to Stream my music. It's not too noticeable with all the lightsaber action and the blaster fire. Oh well...
Take your time to review the movie. Any advice that you can give me will be considered. If you want to flame me, you can do that too, but let's not be children.
That's all... watch the movie and enjoy it.
Love and Peas.
(PS: Kudos to eskimosotero with the great idea for the last scene...)
Placed at #15 for the week of 6/26/02... which means that it beat the first movie... which was better... what the hell?

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I loved that with Mace Windu just straight up eating away at those stormtroopers,the moves we're pretty cool too and the character designs of the troopers we're nice as well,good work.

Not Bad

But you made a error. Your movie doesn' t fit into the time line. Mace dies in Revenge of the Sith.

sry lots of stupid stuff

i liekd the part how the stupid stomr strooper stared at mace windu while he killd his squadron i mean how can u do such a stupid error in a decent move of this sort n gtheres more of that kinda stupid stuff hurray u get 4/10 n 2/5


that rocked! but how windu kill the stormtroopers? Anyway, i loved.

Just some little errors.

The movie was great but just...a few small problems I found with it.

There is one guy I know who DOES use a yellow lightsabre, they just never show it in the movies, only in the game, his name is Plo Koon and is on teh council, blah blah.
Mace Windu would *NEVER* be able to kill storm troopers OR be on the death star, it's impossible as he was killed before the death start was created AND before people realized clones worked for the empire and therefore became know as stormtroopers, overall, the movie was great, keep up the good work.