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Lemonade Stand Deluxe

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Author Comments


Just finished up a new game. This one has not been published anywhere as I send you this email.
I hope you consider hosting this game and if you offer sponsorship I'm very interested in discussing that.

Title is pretty straight forward, 'Lemonade Stand Deluxe'
This is your classic Lemonade Stand game but with a deluxe added to it in form of fantastic artwork and a higher grade of informative and pedagogic syntax aimed for the students. An absolute harmony between play and learning.

Welcome young entrepreneur!
This is an educational game designed to be fun while you learn.
Your objective is to make as much money as you can in 15 days running a simple lemonade stand.

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good graphics but i think there is a bug inside... i dont do any sales no matter of advertising or sunny day.. or even if i set the cup to 1 cent

It's pretty fun, but just too simple for my tastes. It's jusy my opinion, don't pay attention to it. Also, what is the music?

Rain rain go away

I don't know if its just me but since the start of the game, I only got one non rainy day out of 20 days or so. Also annoying that you have to enter the numbers again every single day. Not much fun to play un fortunately.

MindGem responds:

I understand your point.

You will still be able to sell during a rainy day although not as much.
But granted, I should lower the rain a lot.

You do have to type in the numbers everyday because every cost flux.