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armless (prelude)

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Author Comments

this is ,my first attempt at a full out stickfigure animation. i have always liked stick figure animations, but sadly there are A LOT of animations without any story or real reason to fight. im gonna atempt to make a cool-funny-sick series with this guy. if i fail.... then, o well :P

now with a "play" button :D

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This seems pretty good for your first animation, although I do wish it was continued rather than be a one-shot.

wait dont tell me, armless is gonna appear as reeds enemy in stickman cant fight? WOOOOOTTTTTT IM WAITING FOR THA LAUGHTERS!!


This seems like the start of greatness! It's off seeing a stickfigure with such a backstory, but it's well worked out, it's both comical and providing in sympathy. The animation is smooth, not so much action, but plenty of content. Keep it going!


he wamt reveage for failing one test by rising your hand

Very awesome... I just wonder if this is one of your other ideas for a series?