Madness: Guilt Trip

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oh hai Madness.

I challenged 4 artists and myself to create short madness toons based around the theme "non traditional madness" the results are....shocking.

I am also happy to highlight one of my favorite newgrounds original musicians SLUG-SALT! all the music u hear in this thing is made by him!

plz no comments about a scene select or play buttons - the coder found out the file was corrupted this morning...so i (the worst code-smith ever) took over assembling this...which is why it kinda just plays thru..so cut me some fuckin slack..)

thanks for checkin it out ya mad muthers
thanks for front page! - - heres some credits i didnt mention

Mrs. Rat, Cardboardwalk, LetoVox all made the Dr. Katz portion possible.

Ricepirate did the voicework for Lukashafstrom's part! (Sexy no? - check out his voice demo!)



The second one and the last one were horrible.

Misinterpretation Much?

The flash was ok. The ''plots'' were terrible and made no sense, you didnt show how they got to certain places, you and your artists must have not put much effort in this sorry, and Non Traditional madness means well different artwork but, you still need it focused on madness like things, not therapy, for example.

See, Madness Ascend it might help you get to know Non - Traditional madness a little more well.


I'm sorry but all I can give is a 4 due to the first one.

The others....the others just ruined it.
I'm not even joking, go on give my thumbs down if you like but i'm just being honest, the others were a total downfall to the flash.

this is not madness

the first one was great, but after that it was all complete crap. i know you guys were going for a comedy type of video, but its madness! ive never wanted to watch madness to get a good laugh. i watch it because i love seeing all of the action. try to stay true to the madness type of genre

the first one was good.

just because you draw a plus on the face doesn't make it madness. everyone except boybogart failed miserably. I couldnt even get through the one with the psychologist. god that was so awful... if your gonna make a madness cartoon, make a madness cartoon. period.

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4.17 / 5.00

Sep 22, 2010
9:44 PM EDT