Madness: Guilt Trip

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oh hai Madness.

I challenged 4 artists and myself to create short madness toons based around the theme "non traditional madness" the results are....shocking.

I am also happy to highlight one of my favorite newgrounds original musicians SLUG-SALT! all the music u hear in this thing is made by him!

plz no comments about a scene select or play buttons - the coder found out the file was corrupted this morning...so i (the worst code-smith ever) took over assembling this...which is why it kinda just plays thru..so cut me some fuckin slack..)

thanks for checkin it out ya mad muthers
thanks for front page! - - heres some credits i didnt mention

Mrs. Rat, Cardboardwalk, LetoVox all made the Dr. Katz portion possible.

Ricepirate did the voicework for Lukashafstrom's part! (Sexy no? - check out his voice demo!)


"I enjoyed it...

...but I've got one question about mrnihil's part. Was he on drugs when animated this? It sure looked that way.

Thoughts on this

The first one really started well but started becoming less impressive when it started reusing animations. But I liked how the movement went with the beat! The second animation was freaking insane! It had a twisted feeling as if the psychotic nature of Hank was merging with reality. I loved how sketchy and textured the animation was and the part where the womans blown off head turned into a swarm of bees was awesome. Personally I think it would have been cooler if a bunch of rose petals came out intsead of bees and have hank say something like "I WANT TO SEE MORE PRETTY FLOWERS!" and do another one of those insane laughs. The third was okay. Nothing to good but it wasn't bad at all, its just that it wasn't too unique. The fourth one. It was not what I auditioned for! I thought that it was supposed to be a comedic spin on it! But in all honesty I thought it was trippy and pretty creative. It was cut a bit short and the audio was distorted a little too much but it was still enjoyable. The last one was perhaps the strangest but I really like the animation and how it consisted of simple shapes for the most part. So over all I guess I have to say I enjoyed it! I didn't love it, and I have a bad feeling that I will only remember this for my role sooner or later, but it was an interesting spin on the way things worked.

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I'm digging on this one!! Way back, long time ago, I did one of the time trials and they wanted madness tribute and mine was kind of non-traditional as well. Of course there were the 'this isn't madness' comments, but those are just the folks who don't appreciate the gems found out in left field. Kudos on this! Each one of these was a wonderful departure from the norm, my favorite being the strangeness at the end with dr. katz.

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It's different OMG!

I don't usually post i'm more of a casual and sane Newgrounds lurker. But i just gotta say this movie was good, after watching countless Madness clones it was like a breath of fresh air, some nice animations and good short-stories.

Too many ignorant kids these days...

I don't post many reviews but this flash is underrated in my opinion. Kids go crying "this isn't Madness!!!" and hastily rate something before even bothering to read the author's comments. It's NON-TRADITIONAL Madness, people! What's wrong with taking a well-known concept and putting your own flair on it anyway? That's exactly what this flash is.

When you look at all the details, the animations are smooth, the music fits, and the art is pretty well done. However, the only one I have to criticize is Goat-Man's flash. It looked rushed and could have been built on. Plus, the asylum-patient-going-on-a-rampage has already been done and is very unoriginal.

The flash in general seemed like it was madness in its literal sense. It took some Madness elements but it was a complete acid trip. At some points, it was comparable to Salad Fingers. I'm sure this flash would have gotten a much higher rating if some people learned to stop and think for a little bit.

Cheers ^_^

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Sep 22, 2010
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