Dusk of the Madness

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Well here we are.. The third episode. I really hope you all enjoy it.

After learning what to do and what not to do from the previous movies, I've come to you with a movie that I hope surpasses both. I felt that Dawn was good in the whole "plot" sense, but lacked in the animation and art features. Day was good in the animation department, but the colors I used in the movie were too bright and a bit unfitting, I also kinda threw too many characters in there. It seems as though I focused too much on the violence of it and not the story.

With this movie, I've come with better animation, better art (I <3 my tablet), more fitting and stylish colors, quite a bit of character development, and plenty of unique kills to keep the blood flowing.

As always, popcorn may be needed, as this movie is about as long as the previous two

Thank you all for your kind words and support, and I hope you really enjoy this film


Great video man. Wish you'd make this a yearly thing. But you did a great job, despite you still have Night & Twilight left to do. Hell of a lot of fun watching this series, but I think I know the ending as you left us at a cliff hanger.

The bikers that survived got away, Kyrie (or whatever her name is, sorry I don't remember) shot herself as she was unwilling to shoot Nick, and had NO chance of survival. So why starve to death?

Keep up the good work man.

Littleluckylink responds:

It was a yearly thing until last year when I was rendered completely unable to animate anything at all- something I am still very angry about.

Also, the fourth one will be coming out pretty soon, it'll answer those questions you have.

wow this is &quot;bloody&quot; awesome

i beleive you should continue the series because people love the movies put the last character that girl in another madness zombie film i beleive that youve killed off a lot of characters already why not get a whole new cast with her in it good new beggining about extermination of the zombies like the cure?~ben:D


why does nick get bitten and then in the end turn into a zombie???nick is my favorite carecter and all but he dies and carlie dies of suicide.well it is a good movie :)

Littleluckylink responds:

Like I've said before, it all depends on the size and location of the bite. If it's closer to a blood vessel such as the heart, it will spread faster. If it's on the lower body, it may take a while.

epic movie

such a sad ending though. Im guessing they both die

The happy ends, in the present life, do not happen

It was SEVERE. Short of the alive deadmen, the real life is those.

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