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Rebooting The Madness

rated 4.43 / 5 stars
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Sep 22, 2010 | 7:06 PM EDT
  • Frontpaged September 23, 2010
  • Daily 4th Place September 23, 2010
  • Weekly 5th Place September 29, 2010

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Author Comments

EDIT 9/24: Thanks for the awesome reviews and the Daily 4th guys! And thanks to Tom for the frontpage. Really satisfied with how this all turned out.

**Please Submit to Madness Collection**

Worked 4-5 months on this. Probably one of the fastest toons I've whipped out. Enjoy.

Murkier trivia about movie:
-Red syringes causes chemical alterations (mutations).
-Green syringes reverse mutations and revive.
-The crab-beast was a mutated agent killed behind the glass.
-The plant creature was the agent with white glasses who kept returning.
-Red glasses signify weak agents.
-Green glasses signify moderate agents and have the ability to give the wearer nightvision.
-Black glasses signify advanced agents. These agents have permission to seal off doors.
-Yellow glasses signify elite agents and have the ability to manipulate any agent of lower status.
-Orange glasses signify prison guards and have the ability to give the wearer enhanced strength.
-The prisoner shot the agent with the yellow glasses because he manipulated him.
-The agent who allies with the protagonist only joins him because he threatened him.
-The protagonist's mission was to save the prisoner and blow up the facility. He knew he was a time bomb and he knew he was going to die at the end.
-There were 71 kills overall.
-There will be a sequel.

I also have a character sheet located here: http://alpha-nuva.newgrou



Rated 2.5 / 5 stars


dont like it that much, i think its too close to the original series with hardly any new/own ideas


Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Normally I don't like MadnessDay flashes like this

However, this one managed to catch my interest. The main reason I usually don't like tribute flashes to Madness with the same style as Krinkels is because they fail in comparison. You, however, did a great job at it. Suprise attacks, multipul events happening at once, epic gun fights, mutants (gotta love it), betrayal, and explotions, hell yeah. The amount of detail is also a plus. All the blood, markings, the physics (very important) are all on track making it awesome. The only bad thing this that at some points it's hard to tell who is who and what exactly is happening. But after reading the author comments it cleared things up a bit, and a second watch of it had everything in check. Over-all, it's pretty damn awesome. Enjoy you're Daily 4th on Madness Day.

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Rated 5 / 5 stars


Okay, so Newton Greenshades breaks into the facilitymajiggy with only his pistol and funny-shaped knife, and on the way he angers mister sunshine by pushing him off a cliff. mister Sunshine is then injected with a syringe of monster fluid by a mysterious vanishing scientist (henceforth called doctor Combustiscalp) and then Sunshine's life purpose is to get revenge on the rude newton Greenshades. Combustiscalp then injects a hapless test subject with more monster fluid, changing the victim into crustacean demon. Greenshades, oblivious, once again fights off the now-relentless mister Sunshine and then finds himself running for his life from both the crustacean demon and a guy with a riot shield who was too unimportant to give a proper name to. Then, after another confrontation with sunshine and the crustacean, Greenshades ducks into a control room where sunshine (now monstrous) kills the annoying riot shield-wielding stalker. Greenshades fights him off again, and tells the still-alive control room guy to open a container which just so happens to contain Sir Edgar GunsForHands, who escapes and manages to wound doctor Combustiscalp. Meanwhile, Greenshades decides to recruit the previously-unimportant control room guy, transforming him into Saint Michael Tangerine. Tangerine uses his newfound abilities to possess a guard with a grenade launcher and blast open the door for him. Sir Edgar GunsForHands, on the other hand, gets into a confrontation with Sunshine, for some reason, and manages to slice him up with a sword despite the fact that he has guns for hands. GunsForHands is cornered but the gun-wielding, body-spewing sunshine, but at the last moment, Tangerine proves his allegiance once and for all by putting a grenade into sunshine's head and saving Edgar. Then, the now-united trio are ambushed by crustacean demon, who drags Greenshades and an unsuspecting guard into the space below. (the guard gets a pretty gnarly crab-claw wound while he's at it, too.) Sir Edgar GunsForHands and the loyal Tangerine are then ambushed AGAIN by doctor Combustiscalp, not two seconds after crustacean demon vanished into the floor. Greenshades, whose green shades were broken by the fall, runs for his life from crustacean demon and manages to find a nifty set of orange ultra goggles. Using these, he flings the crab-clawed guard into the wall and runs once again fron crustacean demon. GunsForHands and Tangerine fight off Combustiscalp in the room above, and the doctor decides to flee the only way any sane person would; through the floor (during the scuffle, Tangerine uses his power to possess Edgar and picks up some monster fluid for some reason). Down below, Greenshades fails to fight off Combustiscalp and is himself injected with monster fluid. Then shot in the back of the head by the crab-clawed guard, who survived his trip into the wall. The guard then stumbles into Tangerine and the rather dazed Edgar, who do not seem to be hostile towards him for some reason. The guard runs, and Edgar shoots tangerine (possibly accidentally!) and is then set upon by the infuriated crustacean demon, but is saved at the last moment by the now-monstrous Greenshades, who uses his funny knife to put down the crustacean demon once and for all! Greenshades then gives the confused Edgar a remote, and takes the monster fluid from the possibly-deceased tangerine. Greenshades then chases after that cowardly guard who had the gall to shoot him in the back of the head. Edgar, meanwhile, gets into an elevator and encounters Combustiscalp, then shoots him in the head and presses the button on the remote. Then Greenshades explodes, while holding the cowardly guard.

Delicious animation. Very lively. i love it.

Alpha-Nuva responds:

I got a few chuckles out of this review. Loved the names.

The weird knife thing is actually an Irish club called a sheleighly.
Edgar shot Tangerine for taking him over.
And Edgar wanted to restore Greenshades by injecting him with the green syringe (the restorative syringe).

I think I'm keeping these names if I make a sequel.


Rated 5 / 5 stars

Yup =D

Love the vid. It's high quality, a renewing style and overal I'd say there's few Madness Combat vids that are as good as the original series as this one. Good job. But...

...remove the text under 'Spoiler Warning'. It feels a bit amateuristic to write those things there and not let us find out ourselves. I mean, we're writing an entire wiki about Krinkels' series because he doesn't give anything away himself.


Rated 5 / 5 stars

Pretty cool!!

But at some moments i got lost who's or where's our hero!!!!
Great job though.