Rebooting The Madness

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EDIT 9/24: Thanks for the awesome reviews and the Daily 4th guys! And thanks to Tom for the frontpage. Really satisfied with how this all turned out.

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Worked 4-5 months on this. Probably one of the fastest toons I've whipped out. Enjoy.

Murkier trivia about movie:
-Red syringes causes chemical alterations (mutations).
-Green syringes reverse mutations and revive.
-The crab-beast was a mutated agent killed behind the glass.
-The plant creature was the agent with white glasses who kept returning.
-Red glasses signify weak agents.
-Green glasses signify moderate agents and have the ability to give the wearer nightvision.
-Black glasses signify advanced agents. These agents have permission to seal off doors.
-Yellow glasses signify elite agents and have the ability to manipulate any agent of lower status.
-Orange glasses signify prison guards and have the ability to give the wearer enhanced strength.
-The prisoner shot the agent with the yellow glasses because he manipulated him.
-The agent who allies with the protagonist only joins him because he threatened him.
-The protagonist's mission was to save the prisoner and blow up the facility. He knew he was a time bomb and he knew he was going to die at the end.
-There were 71 kills overall.
-There will be a sequel.

I also have a character sheet located here: http://alpha-nuva.newgrou nds.com/news/post/520648


Hard to follow at times......

But, still Awesome! I get how all the glasses work and whatnot, but did anyone survive the explosion?

way to make the Madness

if you hadnt killed everybody i think you could make a whole series of this

Woahhh !!

That was some sick Madness you did there !!... Seriously got nothing to
complain about... Maybe the ending being a little abrupt but seriously that

Graphics : 10/10
Animation : 10/10
Humour : N/A

Overall... Well dude perfect this is worth a perfect note !

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Pretty Slick

its very random

one thing i really dont get is the guy with the two 357's as hands.... and then that dude with the spectacles who keeps getting the shit blown outta him! nut hell! its still pretty cool!

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