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Oozy and the Tower of Wulu

You play as Oozy the Velvet Worm. Your quest is to reach the top of the Tower of Wulu and find an ancient relic that grants it's wielder god-like powers.

Oozy must find the Lime Jellies on each floor to give him the power to warp and progress upward. The Jellies are hidden in energy bubbles. Using his explosive slime, Oozy must burst open these bubbles and also defeat the hordes of creatures that dwell within the tower.

There are a total of 50 levels to get through, with 3 challenging bosses along the way.

The game automatically saves inbetween levels so you can quit and come back anytime.


The game uses Keyboard only.

"Arrow keys" or "WASD" control Oozy's movement, and also navigates the menus.

"SPACE" makes Oozy shoot slime, and also confirms on the menus.


Learn how the enemies move and you will be able to manipulate their positions to your advantage.

After an enemy is caught in slime, it will detonate after a set amount of time. Because of this, you don't always need to bite the slime-chains for success.

If you're struggling with the enemies, you can block their spawn points with slime.

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Great idea of yours -- this was a hoot to play!

The chain-reaction demolition puzzles were fun. Wrecking enemies from a distance was also fun. Putting the two together made a clever and satisfying way of kicking down the door. The audio felt great, too -- a two-enemy explosion sounded so awesome that it was worth the effort, and the music was catchy. I really like the occasional rapid-pace song, especially if the stage was packed with more hazards than normal.

I'll admit the story was a bit patchy, but the game was fun, no doubt. I might have abused that spawn-block technique, especially when sizing up the force-field puzzles. But now I can replay this and try to survive the onslaught without using that trick (especially for the last boss.) For most stages, I wasn't worried because I could outrun anybody, but when the field got crowded with foes or walls, then things got tense.

The most interesting part was using the jellies as the warp out. It didn't matter how many enemies I had chasing me so long as I could run into the explosion and grab that last one. That felt kind of cool, literally snatching victory from the jaws of defeat. (At least once, I had a jelly on the same square as a beetle, and I still grabbed a win. Un-freaking-touchable.)

Overall, it was puzzling, clever, fast-paced, and explosive. Very cool!


c'est quoi cette musique ?

Epic stuff

This should have been frontpaged.

Difficulty buildup is good, style is amazing, the feeling is amazing, audio was chosen right. You should get paid for this. If i would have had young kids i would have bought this if i saw it in the store.

Loved this.

Very rarely do I find a game on Newgrounds that feels like it could be ported to another medium such as Xbox Live Arcade, but in my opinion, this particular gem could. It feels like a real game; not just someone screwing around in Flash. I played through the whole thing, and although I loved it thoroughly, it could be a bit longer. The boss battles were a treat and the characters were likable. The visuals were very well done, to the point where I felt like I wasn't playing a portal entry, but pressing away at a PSP game. This could really go somewhere with a little tweaking and a few more puzzle options. Great job.

Credits & Info

4.49 / 5.00

Sep 22, 2010
3:19 PM EDT