Madness: The Stand

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HOLY SHIT!!! 2nd place:D:D I love you NG! thx!


Physics. Particles. Gore. This is MADNESS!

Enjoy my first finished game. I've been working my ass off for last 10 days to make it. My head will explode. But it's here.

Hank is in deep shit and you need to survive 10 rounds(5 waves each) of incoming enemies. Kill all the enemies to progress. Weapons unlock in later rounds. Stay sharp all the time!!! Enemies will take cover if low on health so u'll have to hunt them.

q - toggle quality (4 levels, it affects display quality and particle quality leave it as it is by default for most dual core PC's )
w - jump
a - left
d- right
x - place mine
c - place trap(u'll love it)
p - pause
mouse - aim and shoot

Find out more on my userpage. ENJOY!

new version! all known bugs fixed, game rules rebalanced, game uses mochi ads and scores, fair enemies, improved spawn mechanics, no more cheap deaths.


love it

love it the physics the graphics and how they fight each other at times

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Fantastic game the guns are great and i like the player look,
And bullet drop is a great touch i might add
The one thing that really through me off was the reverse physics
the barrels and crates fly back towards you when you shoot them.
I dont know if its just me that noticed or if my computer is just being
weird but the scenery does that to me.
And one other thing is that i think the bullet drop though a nice touch
shouldnt have been so exaggerated how it is you can use any gun as a mortar

So you get the 9 for the fantastic content and great gameplay but i would say that you need to work on the physics

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mmankt responds:

thx. bullet drop was exaggerated because the player has a very limited field of view. so in order to balance the gameplay and weapons weapons need a smaller range. it needs tweaking but that was my philosophy in this case. also the physics work as they should. i found it funny that they actually go back at you - its because all the force goes to the ground and they bounce. in zero gravity they go in the direction you want. but i have an idea on how to resolve this a bit better. cheers.


good a bit repetetive tho, also i like bullets being affected by gravity, battlefield bad company games had that and its one of the many reasons there better then call of duty black ops, also should of added a duck abilaty cause its annoying that u cant hide behind cover. Which makes it gay cause to stop complaining u had to give hank infinate lives

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Love it..

just 1 thing..the game shud have more waves and places..and u shud also add more weapons..good game though ;)

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wow this is awsome

but u need more rounds bc i loved the sniper and i wanted to rock with it longer and bullets drop too petrit1

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4.20 / 5.00

Sep 22, 2010
1:50 PM EDT
Action - Shooter - Run 'n Gun