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this is my RHG demo...this took me four days to make...totally 23 seconds...runs at a speed of 24fps....hope you all like it...rate and comment....

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Cool for what it was.

I'm not a RHG guy, so don't mind me when I say the title sucks, but I'll explain my point of view, anyway: It says "RHG demo" meaning it's a demo of RHG, and since I don't know what RHG is, I kind of expect a game prototype, but instead, I get an extremely short stick figure 'demo' animation. I also don't get any explanation of what RHG is.

The title isn't the only problem. The music was totally unnecessary. It didn't sync to the animation at all and was not your music -- It wasn't even legally used, let alone creatively used. It just seemed slapped on at the last second as more to load, and I already heard this song countless times before.

The animation was good, for stick figures, so I gotta give you credit there. The animation was smooth and exciting, even though it was way too short and not really made for NG purposes. Sorry, this type of 'demo' should not be on NG. You should just find a webhost and share it with RHG members. I assume they have a forum?

Somewhat Obnoxious

The animation is done VERY well, although maybe some cool liquid effects could have been put in when the extra whateverthefuckthatwas came out of his back. Something like that is always a great opportunity to put some crazy FBF action to impress the crowd.

Being an RHG fighter myself, I understand the importance of a demo showing people what exactly your character's power is. In this example, however... I wasn't quite sure what was going on? Is this like Insanity's character? Or is there only one limb? Does this limb stretch indefinitely? Come on man, give me some more to go by! I can spend two months working on a game, so you can spend two months working on an animation. This is great as a product of four days of work, but it really needs to be longer.

I loved the sound effects, but while the song was good, I didn't like that you did absolutely NOTHING to compress it. Next time either stream it, compress it, or both in order to reduce the filesize of your submission. Right now it's really unnecessary. Maybe you could have loaded it externally as well...?

All in all, the animation quality is very high, but the presentation is lacking.


Its a demo of course, but very cool!

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4.59 / 5.00

Sep 22, 2010
1:08 PM EDT