MadSeth 4: Foreordination

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The fourth. If you have a minute, go back and watch the other ones. I spent alot of time on this, so I hope all yalls enjoy it.

Rapheus out.


plz put me in

:D MY NAME IS SETH IN REAL LIFE :D also good animation

This is kinda swell.

Well, i think this well get better for the great one. It is nice and all and stuff.

I really like this awesome installment. I hope this will get better. :)

Rapheus responds:

Well I think you're kinda swell! I haven't actually watched these for quite a while, so it's nice to watch them and then read these reviews.

I hope it gets better too! :D

Keeps getting better and better!

Improves each time new episode comes.

- Menu concept is pretty good imo, but music in it, I think, has been used so many times, I would almost say I would have liked something else in it's place instead.

- Actually the same think when I started playing the animation and music started after ganondork part, I felt the same. However, both music pieces are still good. Just, IMO only probably, overused.

- Animation and art are even better. Rick's fortress is much better than Ganondork's, anyhow!

- Humor is there, just didn't seem to get to me this time.

- I find it funny how long episode 2 and 3 recaps are compared to the first one. :P

Some things I noticed though:

- When assassin is on the car, Rick throws the pistol instead of shooting him? Wonder why?

- If you replay the animation after watching it, the music in the credits stays on.

And last thing, though not a flaw:

What on earth happened at the elevator part? o.O

4/5, 8/10

Rapheus responds:

MahSef 4!

-*checks menu music* Yikes! Including this, Mazidon's Fury has been used in 35 entries. Shame on me! I usually try to find 'unknowns', but I'm a weakling for Paragon X9's music.
-And yeah, the main theme was by Cheshyre, The Great Krinkels' music guy, so all of his stuff is used ad nauseum. Once again, my bad.
-Thanks! This is when I started drawing some of my own stuff. Rick's Fortress is actually based on the place I work, so this was kind of easy.
-I see that, sometimes it's hard to fit humor in the MadSeth ones. I try though.
-Recaps: Did you check out Rick's computer in MadSeth 5? MadSeth 1 doesn't really fit in to the 'real' storyline...

-Rick throws his gun at Link: A) because Rick is a terrible shot without the laser sight on, and B) Rick didn't have time to aim while driving, and his main goal was just getting Link off the jeep. Good eye, though.
-Damn, I hate it when the music glitches up, and I've tried harder recently to avoid problems like this one. Perhaps I'll re-upolad a fix.

Oh, and as for the elevator: Elevators are undisputed grounds of neutrality. No fighting in the elevator. NONE.


at first i though "why is Seth in the end" but i just noticed he was spying on the assasin (LINK) and the other guy...

I rate 100/10

Rapheus responds:

Seth gets the sneaker achievement. And 100/10?? My friend you're too kind!

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Sep 22, 2010
12:53 PM EDT