Clown Of Judgement

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Wow, front page despite so many great animations today? Thank you a lot!! <3

NOTE- This is a sequel, watch the prequel here- http://www.newgrounds.com /portal/view/512259 to catch up. :)

So, after loads of stressing out and general hard work I've finally finished. I'm really happy with this but please leave a comment below because what really matters is whether you like it or not!

Thanks to Fluidanims.com for being a great animating community! Check it out here- www.fluidanims.com

And thanks for watching, I love honestly reading every single review so please do leave one and vote fairly! <3

Remind me if you helped me out and ill add your name down here... ;c

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one last time 22-09-11...still awaiting

So short but so AMAZING!

Okay tornado AND mosterman r both correct Hank can die but only Jesus or Tricky can kill him, also Tricky can die because on Madness Consternation in the end,Jesus killed both Hank and Tricky. Anyway good movie ,and was Tricky standing on Hank at the beginning?

tricky is better than you mosterman

@monstermen Looks like you do not know all of Madness, all characters are Awesome and Tricky doesn't sucks H is very alright and Hank died but Deimos resurrected him, all his revives before MC9 where by Tricky who used his Improbality Drive.
Helpful guys if true.
Oh Yeah, and epic.