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Poninja Madness

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Author Comments

I had an idea for some time to make a madness cartoon but in a poninja style. This cartoon is just a glimp of my vision of "madness/poninja universe". I didn't have much time on my hand to make it longer. If it gets good reviews, I might make more madness/poninja cartoons.

Enjoy :)

Also, check out other Poninja cartoons here:
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How did he do that

hank stab his head with a sword with out getting harmed

Matija27 responds:

He didn't stab his head, he put the sword on his back, or maybe...


i wish a grenade would just apear in my hand too

Matija27 responds:

Me too :P


To be honest, I'm torn about this animation. On one hand, it was waaay too short and there wasn't even a whole lot of killing. Besides, small effects that make madness what it is, like corpses lying on the ground (and not dissappearing like they did in this flash) and shells flying out the back of a gun when it is fired are totally nonexistant. However, you did make a normally violent series almost cute and cuddly. Almost.
A good starting point, but I think you can do better, judging by the high quality of your other submissions. Good luck!

Matija27 responds:

The idea of a disappearing corpses is actually taken from the Poninja cartoon. I wanted for this cartoon to have elements that are true to both Poninja and Madness series. And about the disappearing zombies before the clown fight, that is actually a result of a so called "error" that happens once in a while in madness cartoons (you now, like the "error" when the clown turns into a big fire monster). My intention wasn't to make it cute and cuddly, but rather to make a madness cartoon in a different way, in this case in a Poninja way. It is easier to animate it, and since I didn't have much time to make it, it seemed like a perfect solution. I wanted to make it longer, but I really didn't have much time on my hand, so I hope I will make a longer one next year. I am still new to this Poninja style of animating, so I am sure the animation will improve until next year (or sooner). Oh, and about shells flying out the back of a gun, that will definitely be in a next one. I guess I forgot to put it in this one. Thank you for a constructive review :)

Joaito said

this animation is Any Key the graphics are bad and very bad is roughly what he said

Matija27 responds:

I see. Thank you for translating it. Oh, and I guess you liked the cartoon, since you gave 10/10, so thanks again :)

what the hell ???

this animation es cualqiera los graficos son malos y es muy mala

Matija27 responds:

Okay, that didn't help at all :S