Madness Ultimate Collab 4

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I just want to thanks everybody who supported this movie

Everybody should asking, what happend to the madness comics collab, well it was a huge failure, and i´ve taken all the comics that i´ve received along that time and submitted on this collab, sorry for the quality...

Also: delamortes is the top animator for the 3th time, congrats man

Happy Madness Day

Edit - The untitled comis was xmatrix that have made then - sorry the incovennient



3 hank the other hank has teeth and the other hank has a mask and the other 1 is the real one but i relly love the movie

Amazing Flash

Thought the gore was top-notch.

Although i was hoping you could be a little more specific on who the Voodoo remix artist is?

GabrielBarsch responds:

to be true, i dont really know

Satisfactory- to everyone but gabriel.

Gabriel- Well, If you consider choppy, retarded, unoriginal and plain a complement, then well done. However I can't brag about your improved blood style, its curtainly better then anything I'd ever shat out. However the knife part was NOT funny. And I invited happy Sanford on bullshit, So if you stole it from XroadkillX, then you stole it from me. And BLue-skinned ATP are just... plain weird to look at. They seem, unearthly. I could go on rambling about how dumb and retarded your ideas were, but every fucking faggot that jizzes themselves whenever they see your stuff would just right this review useless becuase they have never animated in there lifespan.
Clatty- It was a bit bumpy with Deimos, but the rest was furgalishuios. And the random killing arena thing was great.
CM154 - The Hank fight was genius. You jizz out some of the best ideas, however it was slow and robotic.
Delamortes - Your new midget style is a great one, with new hands and stuff. I see you put alot of effect into it, but it was kinda boring, it was just.. random killing.
DIMB- Darker ATP blood instantly stood out, BUT the same constant wound recolored makes it seem plain and lazy.
KingApple- I loved the Mag V3 thing, how it just feel on top of Sanford when he killed Deimos. Your Original seem to never stop flowing, and I like it.
Raptor- Sledgehammer seems kinda fast, including the fact that they weigh like 20 pounds or more. and the gravity for it seemed less , because the guy was moving at like Mack 5.
Zmatrix - ;)
Other stuff- Everything worked on the menu, which was surprising that you can code right but not make a descent movie in your life. But the backround music for it seemed weird, it was quiet and mysteroiusly scary for some reason, like Earthbound Giygas music. The Movie music was fitting, it was nice.
Hope you manage to shit out another shitty madness collab that has good animators to cover up the shittyness!)PIOUI(*!&^@&%^&%!^!^*&


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GabrielBarsch responds:

how constructive !


just amazing

i love this song

what the song??

GabrielBarsch responds:

the creditz damn it !

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4.42 / 5.00

Sep 22, 2010
8:14 AM EDT
Comedy - Parody