Xionic Madness 3

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EDIT: I fixed some of the voices' volume and added some effects and noises that were missing, if you find any bug, please let me know ;D. The missing voice line for Omega is not a Bug, there was a problem with it (probably my fault) and I haven't been able to contact his VA so he can voice it, so there's no voice for him there yet ;o

EDIT2: No matter what I did, there's a missplaced voice at the beggining of the last scene (the destroyed city); I really have no idea what causes this, since there is no voice there and I already tried using the stop all sounds code. Hell, it only plays when you don't skip any scene (if you do, it won't appear) so let's pretend it's an easter egg since I have no idea how to deal with it ;D

¡Qué pedo! Xionico here ;D

As I promised, Xionic Madness is here and I must say, it was a complete hell of chaos to do so, this has been the most problematic project I've ever worked on (several file corruptions, one major lost), I literally haven't slept in two days to put this together!

NOTE: As usual, you can cycle through the scenes by using the RIGHT and LEFT keys.

Also big thanks to everyone who supported and helped me throught this fucking hell >:c

I couldn't add the last song to the Audio ID list because it seems there's a limit (yeah...I used a lot of songs D:) but it's [X] Darkness by Xarnor ;D.

Y a toda la gente cabrona que me aguantó mis corajes ;D se la rifan. perdón pero no los pude meter a todos en la lista y el hecho de que no tenia internet cuando hacia los créditos no ayudó mucho D:

Mención especial para C4R105 que la neta me hace creer que si es Dios y dejar de ser ateo.

Well hope you like it ;D Now I'm off for some sleep.

¡Nos vemos cabrones!


It is just....pure EPIC.

Why do haters never give a reason about why they rate it so low? I can understand about people that gave a high rating just saying "awesome" not giving a reason, but if they don't give a high rating, then GVE A FUCKIN REASON!!!
This episode was my favorite one of all because this is where they got their cervical armor and all their new weapons to test on people that are no match for them. But it could be a little better if you made Hank more like his most popular appearance from episode 7, unless you were TRYING to make it different, because he looks a lot like his orm in episode 5. Also, For the clones of Omega and Xero, they would be a lot more interesting if they had some sort of recolor, like white on the black parts and green or yellow on the blue and red parts. And I agree with Dragonecro, isn't Cervical something describing a vagina? I was kinda confused at that part. Nonetheless, the animation was great. All i can say is that you need to improve on the appearances of secondary protagonists (Hank) and the appearance on the clones (of Omega and Xero) to make it a little more... colorful. :P but I guess madness is supposed to be non-colorful. I mean, its pretty much just red, white, and black. But anyway great animation, art, voices, violence, and MADNESS!

man this shit Fucking sucks.


hank comes back to life all the time dude duh !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Sep 22, 2010
6:11 AM EDT
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