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This is a simple game I created for the Experimental Gameplay Project's theme of "never ending gameplay". The controls are simple. You just move a paddle around with the mouse and try to not let the blocks fall off the edge of the screen. The only block you can let fall off the screen is the black one, as it has a negative effect on your scores. As of right now though, it is too easy to score. I would like as much feedback as possible. Thanks!

-Edit: Thanks for the feedback and plays! I appreciate it! I'm going to update this just a little bit soon. I'll try to see about the screen resolution. You won't have to do this much longer, but you should play this in full screen. Also, I forgot to mention, during gameplay at any time, hit the Escape key to return to the title screen. Sorry about that!

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Fun, nice music

Great work, it feels smooth (in fullscreen/aside from the cursor issues) and fits the theme well. The amount of playable content amounts to a simple minigame, but it is a great core, so expanding on this idea would be good. Thanks for submitting!

Worked for me

I came i saw i was interested. The paddle showed up on my screen and everything seemed to work as coded. I use internet explorer so maybe the others are having trouble from them using newer/different browsers. As for the actual game, i like that it makes soundfx when you bounce a block and catching them twice give bonuse points. Suggestions for updates would be make a block bounce until it actually falls instead of just bouncing once, that way you could juggle lots for combos. Also you could add more visuals to make it artsy to go along with the sounds you have put in so far. (Maybe a piano background and you are bouncing notes to make a song?, get creative with it :D)

As you said it is too easy to score, this could be solved by making it so if you hit a black block its game over and your score resets to zero making a survival kinda game, people like those on newgrounds. Also you could set waves so that at higher scores the game gets more difficult somehow.

Anyway dont want to tell you how to make your game but hopefully i gave some helpfull advice, good luck and happy coding :D

Game is bugged.

Your description says I should have a paddle. The paddle is not visible on screen. A few of these falling blocks appear to ricochet off if I move my cursor onto the edge of the screen beneath them, so I'm assuming it is invisible and not absent, but this is unplayable without being able to see what I'm doing.

Paddle is invisible

Game is unplayable due to paddle not showing up.

Needs a lot of work.

I'm sorry, but this just wasn't a fun game.
I don't even know how you can improve it because I don't really think it was a brilliant concept to start with. Well I guess you could add some power-ups or something?
I like the music though and it looks pretty good.

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1.50 / 5.00

Sep 22, 2010
2:54 AM EDT
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