Charles Bronson Madness

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Charles Bronson is a motherfucker, hometown killer.



maaan some scenes suks


whats with the sex part? the others are fine but that part is just bullshit

The baby scene...

was totally called for. Awesome work, fuck everyone else who obviously has no sense of humor. I wish Newgrounds had more good family friendly quality like this.

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First of all, anyone who is offended by the killing of the woman and baby, and actually used this as a reason to lower the score is seriously stupid.
According to these reviews, having one man slaughter hundreds of other men is perfectly fine, but when he kills a woman and a baby, suddenly it becomes serious business. It's a cartoon anyway, and it should be recognised as such.
It was animated very well, and the timing with the sound was perfect.
I'd much rather watch this than any other generic Madness tribute that uses the same sprites and sounds again and again. And seriously, people shouldn't expect something that has "Madness" in the title to make sense. Good work anyway.

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Where do I begin?

This is almost exactly what I expected. When I see a flash that says it's for "adult's only," it's usually incredibly obnoxious and downright ridiculous. Now I know about Charlie Bronson the British prisoner but Charles Bronson from "Once Upon A Time in the West" is what you seem to base this Flash off of. But why do you depict Charles Bronson as a mass murdering, castrating, serial killer? The animation is incredibly fluid and very well done. But what the hell gave you the idea to have Charles Bronson killing women and children? Especially children. Now don't get me wrong, Newgrounds is ALL FOR this bullshit, and I'll probably get thumbed down for this review but you know it to be true. I mean..... really......

Catoblepas responds:

Fuck you. It's a MADNESS flash and Bronson's known for shooting everybody in his movies. And you're a faggot for thinking that a dead cartoon baby-madness character is somehow worse than a dead cartoon adult-madness character.

"But it's immoral to kill women and children... Fuck everybody else."

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3.97 / 5.00

Sep 22, 2010
2:23 AM EDT