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Madness Invasion

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Oh my goodness, it's finally done. This is the kind of project that makes me never want to animate again. It took several comedy tapes, CBC radio podcasts, rap albums, and audiobooks in parts on Youtube, to get me through this.

Okay, so maybe it wasn't really all that dramatic, but I did work hard. I tried to change up the Madness formula a little bit, so please try to be a little open-minded with it.

...oh! And credit to someone called Pepper at Fluidanims.com for the sound-effects.
No go watch it:)

EDIT: Wow. I wrote form instead of from in the description. DERRR.

EDIT EDIT: Why won't it update the description??? It looks like I don't speak english or something!


it neds more...

It needs more oft the MADNESS touch. Great animation anyway, love wen Hank shows up ;)

Oh what a whimsical Madness project!

I loved who the motions flowed with each character. It wasn't insane madness but just all around tomfoolery. This was very awesome. I mean... Tennis Ball to the brains! How awesome is THAT?

well done

good job man i wuz entertained

different for sure

i do like the more realistic madness guys, and that little filler thing was funny, but it was just... lacking gore. :x

Ypok responds:

True. I'm pretty bad at that though. I'd have had to look up how to draw all the different organs.

i agree with chillyphilly

it lacking something but apart from that it's really good!
I lol'd so hard at hank i had to take me puffer HAHA!

Ypok responds:

Well I'm sure glad you reacted that way!
... I think.

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4.20 / 5.00

Sep 22, 2010
12:51 AM EDT