Madness Desintegration 3

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Well after a long and hard way trying to get this collab out, it is finally here, I really hope you all Newgrounders love it, we all put a lot of effort on it, thanks everybody who supported me in the way of this movie. So yeah, there is still some bugs like audio, ill try to fix it as soon as I can, but by stuff of time, I couldn't fix all those bugs.

Thanks Everybody:

Tom Fulp

I personally liked a lot this collab. Thanks you all, Have a good Madness Day.


it's "disintegration" just so ya know..

the reason i'm giving' this 6 out of 10 is because i wanna acknowledge that you guys did work hard. as for everything else -

the plot - A dude enters a room, he is outnumbered, he takes down a bunch of squishy henchmen doin various gun tricks and using the environment. thing is.. thats been done so much, there was nothing original here, the only thing that was different in each segment, was that someone else made it. you can shoot a guy through your legs, and you can shoot a guy without looking, but theres nothing entertaining about seeing it done 30 or so different ways over and over again over like 5 minutes. room -> kill kill, next room room -> kill kill xD

i see that everyone bust their ass to make this collab but theres nothing too complicated about moving symbols around, especially without having to worry about limbs. the madness world is bleak.

those thoughts aside, the drawings were done without any issues and seemed like good madness characters. i also liked the segments that were drawn frame by frame.
think about what i'm sayin here peeps, dont just "useless" because i'm not worshipping it.

no hard feelings though, good work to all for what it is.

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not bad but not great

there is some problem of music and this alpha or somthing like this is not good

a decent collab with some gems

for the most part, these were fairly standard Madness tribs, nothing too original or new. Alpha Nuva's were very good as were the Gabriel Barsch ones, but the rest, were standard. they were all well done, with no technical issues to speak of in terms of animation and pacing, and the action was good, but ultimately, i wasn't impressed. add to this the sound problems in the latter portion of the collab, and it made for a fun but flawed Madness Trib. Good job, try to fix the bugs.

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A good effort, but no cigar.

Well, at least you tried. It seemed like you accepted anyone and everyone for this collab who wanted to be in it. Some of these were pretty good, but those were the exception rather than the rule. Madness is relatively easy to draw, and a lot of these looked like tracing or sprites. You fucked up even further by having sound that was off-cue, music that stopped five minutes early, dragging plots, and all kinds of shorts that were in SLOOOOOOOOOW MOOOOOOOOTIOOOOON. All in all, I expected more. And yet, this review is going to be flagged as useless because I'm not sucking your dick.

good but last one didnt sound

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4.42 / 5.00

Sep 22, 2010
12:00 AM EDT