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This is my tribute to the classic 60s and 70s superhero cartoon reruns that I grew up watching back in the 80s. Join Dan Danger and Hank Hawk as they set out to rid the world of wrongdoing. Evildoers beware! Here come the Dangerhawks!

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...something from Tomas and Alan Guinan that isn't Eskimo Bob. I like how you guys made fun of how stupid and half assed cartoons were back then. (No offense) Now, let me get started...

In terms of art and animation, this really shows that you put tons of effort into making this over EB. Most of the characters were well drawn, although Dan and Hank's legs look flimsy when compared to the rest of their bodies. In addition to what Psycho Goldfish said about this being too animated to be considered authentic; all of those cartoons had really poor frame-by-frame animation whereas this used motion tweens. Speaking of which, I liked that water trail effect that Prof. Scorptopus had, along with the clever use of a linear gradient. When it comes to the sound; the voice acting was good and I loved those songs that were used in the intro and outro. The only problem is that there weren't very many sound effects, but considering that this was based on cartoons of that era, I'll let it slide. Then there's the content, which was very novel and well executed. Just how many flash cartoons make fun of cartoons that were made back then? Very few and one more isn't going to run the concept into the ground. I loved how you made fun of the lame-assed stories and cheap animation that was synonymous in those days. Kudos for having Dan use the Super Scope, which I thought was pretty funny.

What I do like:
-Not Eskimo Bob
-Novel Idea
-Funny at times
-Nice use of tweening
-Good voice acting and music

What I did not like:
-The fact that it was intended as a tribute than a satire.
-Dan and Hank's legs look quite flimsy.
-Too animated and tweened to be considered authentic.
-Could have been funnier at times.

Overall: Here's a nine from me, and as much as I want you guys to broaden your horizons some more. You would be better off if you'd let the 1980s go.


Reminds me quite a bit of the robin hood show, it's an oldie too.. and they were space like a bit too. Forget the name of it.. but it has similarities. Awesome flash. =)

toma responds:

Rocket Robin Hood. I got the box set over the summer and it put me in the mood to make a show in the same style actually.

its soo shit

that its actualy pritty funny old skool to the max

Brings back memories..

Of when life was much simpler and I was easily entertained by bright colors, undefeated heroes and butt-ugly villains....hmm good times I say

It made no sense yet all the sense in the world

Reminds me of better days. What happened when superheroes were that simple and naive...oh i remmber. The dark knight. Nice tribute. But he fluidity was weird

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Sep 21, 2010
7:53 PM EDT
Comedy - Parody