Sonic: ReturnOfChaos 3!

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View the first 2 on youtube.

this is my second Flash (my first one wasnt accepted, :O)
So, this is mostly kindof a test on flash.

Please review! Tell me how to improve!

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Its ok

Just make more action u know?! But very nice.. Good work!

This is gonna be a long review...

So please read this whole thing. There is a lot of helpful advice. And, I apologize in advance if anything in here offends you or your flash, because it is not my intention. I don't usually vote this low sprite movies. it hardly looks like you put any effort into it. I know you did try and it is your only second animation, but I will go ahead and tell you how to improve. Animation isn't easy, so I fought myself from giving you a 2 or a 3 like I was going to.

First: the animations are very shaky. What I mean is that they shake when they aren't supposed to. The fighting stances are great examples of this. The feet should not be moving at all when they are standing idle. The background when it moved was doing something similar. You have to find the right points that shouldn't be moving around. Nothing was flowing the way it was supposed to. You kind of have to experiment. With fighting stances, it is usually the feet. For running, I use the head so it looks like they are running in place when place the running sprites in, then motion tween to move the character as they are running. Try to zoom in as much as possible and get that fixed up. Shaking animation is one of my biggest pet peeves in sprite animation. I do understand though that you are still learning. Heck, even I haven't learned all there is to know about sprite animation.

Second: Try to use better talking bubbles. You want to experiment with what works, but you always at the very least want to have a colored box or bubble for the text. Using the small fighting stances to tell you who's talking is a little on the lazy side. No offense. Sonic advance and Sonic Battle had mugshots. Use those instead. If you use a text bar and put a sonic battle mugshot in it with the text, it will look a lot better than what you have now. If you need help and further explanation, I'll help with sending you a picture that kind of goes with what I'm talking about. Also, if you don't use voice actors, it is a good idea to put in buttons or using actionscript to proceed text using space to let people read the text at their own pace. Some of the text took a long time to change. The first text blob took about a minute and I was trying to figure out if i missed hitting the space bar or something. I can help with either one you may want to do.

Third: PRELOADER. You never want to start a flash animation without one. With this site, the video loops and the song that was playing at the end is suddenly playing with the one at the beginning, and it gets annoying quick. You can learn how to make a preloader, but it is much easier to download one from the downloads section if you can't quite understand how to make one. It also helps to put a replay button at the end so that people know the video is over. Some videos loop once or twice before I realize that they are looping. One thing people may not be found of.

Fourth and final: It was way too short. A video that short is never a good idea because it never really helps the story much. This flash was just a little running and a heap of talking. I would suggest looking at your file size, because a video that short should not be over .75 MB. I honestly thought it was going to be longer based on the file size. There are ways to compress the file when you save it, and I can help with that as well. As for the length, you have to add more content to the flash movie. I'd say a good place to be is about 5-10 minutes long depending on content. Also, you want to put in sound effects so it's not basically a music video. You can find sonic series and other sounds effects in various places. I have fairly large library of sounds if you need them.

That's all I have right now. If you would like more help, you can always PM me and I will be glad to help you. I hope this will help you improve in future animations. I am sorry I had to pick the animation apart, but if you can take my advice, your animations will improve very much. I do see some potential. I really hope that this will help you.

Kala-Kun responds:

It doesnt offend me :)
It helpsh me!
Ill fix the sprites!
and get the talking better.
And the next one will be WAY longer.
and ill try and fix the loop now :D

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4.02 / 5.00

Sep 21, 2010
5:30 PM EDT