Sasuke's Chronicles #1

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Warning: this is a sprite animation so if you don't like sprite movies don't watch and if u do don't vote like an asshole lol but this is an anime mix and it is not all about the naruto show... it is a mixture with some naruto storylines that just couldn't be changed but for the most part this is all Fantasy work so keep that in mind. Thank You

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love lol

goodjob but the words did kinda run off other then that i loved it

devinsimmons92 responds:

LOVE!!! lol thanks


The guy with the long black hair does an arm flapping thing while he stands there which is annoying. Sasuke says "I could care less" (meaning he cares) when he should be saying "I couldn't care less" (meaning it's impossible for him to care any less than he already does). Kakashi humps the air. While hilarious, it's probably not what you were going for and you probably would have been better off just having a still image of Kakashi. Finishing with two scenes in a row that don't make sense might be a bit too much, you should have stuck to just one. There is your critique.

devinsimmons92 responds:

thanks... lol u were right on the funny movement parts... their sheets had dumb standing animations but the i could care less part, many people uses it in the vice versa way also and found it kinda petty to even point that out but the parts that don't make sense, DONT'T MAKE SENSE for a reason... it will be revealed later in the series.

Nice for a begginer

Okay,this is really interesting and i cant wait to see what happens next,but to make this a good sprite animation,just

lower frame rate its too fast sometimes
make text better (or smaller so it can fit the box)
and make it a little longer

the animation is good..for the begginer but im sure you will get better,dont get disappointed by some comments that will troll about this video (wich i know will exist,they always do),and keep em coming ;D

devinsimmons92 responds:

Thanks for da advice and 7 my favorite number lol

everythings cool but...

the text kinda ruins it it would be better if it was transparent like the bg of the txt, and u should lower the frame rate it seems to fast but its cool :)


Everything is good, i like the beggining, but you have to try and adjust that text, it spoils the flash, if it wasnt for the mucked up text font and the pixelated pictures i would have gives this a 8 or 9 / 10

devinsimmons92 responds:

i'll keep that in mind

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3.05 / 5.00

Sep 21, 2010
1:46 PM EDT