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FunnySchoolThings2 Extras

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Author Comments

Watch Funny School Things 2 first? (highly recommended)

Watch Funny School Things Redux? (not necessary, but fun!)

Watch Funny School Things 1? (not necessary)

Man, this should have been a one-weekend project, as I already had a majority of the material ready. Unfortunately, school managed to extend that into 3 weeks by assigning more homework than necessary almost every day. So, these are a bunch of extras that I was going to release with Funny School Things 2 itself, but I decided to release it separately so that I could release Funny School Things 2 faster, as well as keep down its file size. There's a bunch of small things to check out here, though there's nothing too exciting. Anyway, with 5 AP classes, college applications, scholarships, and SATs and who KNOWS what else coming up this year for me, it might be a while before I really get to work on something else. I just hope that won't be TOO long..

By the way, I threw a new easter egg in there!
Extras Runtime: 9:08

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this was funny(just like all extras). Ever thought of Funny School Things 3? If you do, I think I can contribute a few story ideas(just PM me).

Aqlex responds:

I have thought about Funny School Things 3, but I currently do not have the time to work on it. Also, I have pages full of other school stories that I would love to tell, so I'm not exactly hurting for story ideas xD. But I'd still love to hear some, sometime. And who knows, maybe I'll even turn them into animations xD! Thanks for the review =).


do you make us in an animation... let me geuss.. no like all animators say

Aqlex responds:

I'm not entirely sure I understand your question...or statement..or whatever it may be. Can you clarify?

great :)

even if it is just extras, it still seemed you did alot of work for them. great job, you have enough patience and motivation to make a great movie. you deserve another cookie

Aqlex responds:

Thanks xD. The extras weren't really THAT much extra work, besides getting all the outtakes together and putting those deleted scenes together. And some joyful coding and testing to make sure all my menu stuff worked. Thanks for the review, and the cookie!

Great extras!

I'm looking forward to more of your stuff. ^,^

Aqlex responds:

Thanks! I have plenty more ideas for animations, I just need to get enough time to get to work on them. Hopefully, I'll have more stuff coming...eventually.


One should defineatly see Funny School Things 1 and 2 first

Not only because this it make you understand more, but also because they're awesome!

5 / 5

Aqlex responds:

Haha well thank you =). I'm glad you enjoyed those animations xD. And thanks for the review!