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Daily First? :O Thanks everyone :)



After a long year of very hard work (I tried, I really did), stuck using just flash happy mouse adventures because unfortunately I have no tablet or any other helpful programs to aid with the animation process, I finally present the first episode of RedHand.

!NOTE: The pieces in this episode weren't exactly animated in order, and the intro part was actually made last so you may notice a slight quality drop during the first piece, but the quality will pick up as the episode goes. Also: I haven't added the extras menu yet and the scene select/pieces menus
aren't yet working fully, plus there is an audio track missing along with a few sound effects, but this project has been delayed enough, though I will be sure to fix up and add those in ASAP.

It was one heck of an experience, both stressful and gratifying. I never expected this to be such a challenge. This would be my first decent animation in my 3 years of animating, but I wouldn't have gotten anywhere without the many months of constant support, advice, and guidance from Oscar as I did this project, thanks a million for all your help bro and to Yurlyn for helping me fix all the major problems with the movie :P

The adventure with getting all my collaborators was quite insane. I was turned down more times than I can tell you, mainly because the moment I told them I was animating with stick figures they completely shut me out, but I'm surprised how many incredible people agreed to help me in the end, especially Michael McConnohie, getting someone like him to do a voice was the LAST thing I every expected to happen. Its an incredible honor to feature him in my work.

This animation took much longer than I ever thought it would, because of many factors. One is I never made a storyboard, only a script, so sometimes I would think/work for hours, even days, to accomplish the perfect camera angle or character movements I thought would fit with the animation. And trying to draw decently without a tablet is not that easy...for me at least. Plus incredible collaborators don't just fall from the sky :)

I've also hid various easter eggs thought the movie, especially (but not just) quotes and references from various movies, games, shows, and animations, some obvious, some hard to find, some long and some short. (of course everything belongs to their respective owners^^, but i don't plan to do that kind of thing with quotes anymore) See if you can spot them all :P

Runtime is a little over 14 minutes, I hope you enjoy it!



I wish I'd found this sooner. Everything-- the art, the animation, the storyline-- is VERY well done. And don't even get me started on the script and the voice acting... the dialogue was extremely well crafted and fit with the mood of the story perfectly, as did the voices. It was just... really, really good.

I did have a few of the same problems as sixflab down there, however. The advancement of each piece was kind of screwy, and I had to mess with it a little before I could go back and watch each piece. I also agree with the eye thing; yeah, I could tell people apart by the color of their eyes, but they're all sort of the same shape and at times I couldn't differentiate between characters.

But whatever things that bothered me about this were most certainly overshadowed by all of the other awesome parts. You've got a real gem here. I'm really looking forward to the next installment! :)

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Shayphis responds:

thanks man :)

Really Great!

This was outstanding! Great story and amazing animation! Just a few questions (and im not trying to sound like a jerk) 1. You mentioned Oscar in teh author's comments; is that the same Oscar Johanssen that made the Dastle series?, because i see some likeness in the movies. 2. The enigmatic voice: was that purposely modeled after th G-man in Half-Life becuase it sounded quite a lot like him. If no to both answers, still a kudos because i love the Castle series AND hal-life. So since this shares likeness, great work!

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Shayphis responds:

1. Yeah its the Oscar who made Caste

2. Yes, i asked TheSkark to base the enigmatic voice from Gman

Thanks for the comment :)

Been waiting for this for a while...

I wasn't really sure what to expect. Seeing your other stuff, I had expected it to be pretty good, especially after seeing the preview. But never did I think it would be quite as good as it was. I wouldn't say it was as good as Castle, but it certainly came very close. And anyway, it's different, so I can't entirely base it off of that anyway.

The music, sound effects, animation, voices, and pretty much everything else was absolutely amazing. Every so often I'd see a little flaw or glitch (The file in part A flashed the cover a couple of times), but for the most part, the movements were fluid. The storyline has me pretty interested. I could do with a bit more action, but I'm guessing we'll see some more of that later. This set up the story well.

Oh, and keep in mind I'm still here if you need another voice.

Hmm... so except for maybe a couple things that didn't work perfectly with the scene select and stuff, (when I tried playing the movie at first, SceneSelect at the top right was undefined, and the movie stopped before it reached part A, unless I'm mistaken) this was absolutely amazing. I was completely hooked. I AM completely hooked.

Great job, and keep up the hard work. You, and everyone else working on this.

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Shayphis responds:

Hey man!

Thanks for that :) and sorry i didn't have room for your voice in this episode, i'll try to see if any other openings come up in the future for you.

I'll try not to have the same errors in future installments ^^

Awesome! But..

That was very good and I enjoyed the universe and story it set up! Great work! But...

The resemblance to Castle was throwing me off. Not really a bad thing, just hard to get used to this style being a different story, haha.

Also, that knockoff of the line from The Last Samurai that replaced "Japos" with "people" was really strange. It totally took me out of the story for the rest of that conversation. Haha.

But anyways, yeah, awesome work. Can't wait for more.


is this part of that castle series? cause it seems to be done the same....
LOVE the voice acting an audio

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Shayphis responds:

Its a separate series :)

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