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After a long year of very hard work (I tried, I really did), stuck using just flash happy mouse adventures because unfortunately I have no tablet or any other helpful programs to aid with the animation process, I finally present the first episode of RedHand.

!NOTE: The pieces in this episode weren't exactly animated in order, and the intro part was actually made last so you may notice a slight quality drop during the first piece, but the quality will pick up as the episode goes. Also: I haven't added the extras menu yet and the scene select/pieces menus
aren't yet working fully, plus there is an audio track missing along with a few sound effects, but this project has been delayed enough, though I will be sure to fix up and add those in ASAP.

It was one heck of an experience, both stressful and gratifying. I never expected this to be such a challenge. This would be my first decent animation in my 3 years of animating, but I wouldn't have gotten anywhere without the many months of constant support, advice, and guidance from Oscar as I did this project, thanks a million for all your help bro and to Yurlyn for helping me fix all the major problems with the movie :P

The adventure with getting all my collaborators was quite insane. I was turned down more times than I can tell you, mainly because the moment I told them I was animating with stick figures they completely shut me out, but I'm surprised how many incredible people agreed to help me in the end, especially Michael McConnohie, getting someone like him to do a voice was the LAST thing I every expected to happen. Its an incredible honor to feature him in my work.

This animation took much longer than I ever thought it would, because of many factors. One is I never made a storyboard, only a script, so sometimes I would think/work for hours, even days, to accomplish the perfect camera angle or character movements I thought would fit with the animation. And trying to draw decently without a tablet is not that easy...for me at least. Plus incredible collaborators don't just fall from the sky :)

I've also hid various easter eggs thought the movie, especially (but not just) quotes and references from various movies, games, shows, and animations, some obvious, some hard to find, some long and some short. (of course everything belongs to their respective owners^^, but i don't plan to do that kind of thing with quotes anymore) See if you can spot them all :P

Runtime is a little over 14 minutes, I hope you enjoy it!


absolutely loved it

but i felt sum of the voice acting was a lil outta place sorta felt like one of them japanese arcad games hah if that makes any sense but nonetheless i enjoyed it very much great job

Shayphis responds:

lol thanks :D


this is awesome ^w^ wonderful voice actors as well. especially yoro! he sounds like solid snake XD super epic, i cant wait to see the next one (its going to be even better!)

Good but could use some touching up

Focusing only on the animation and story, i enjoyed this, and its a great start so far. There are some inconsistencies in the quality, but it gets better as it goes and i'm sure the next one will be even better. My one complaint would be that you need to differentiate your stickmen better. At times, its hard to tell who it is we're looking at because all of them have pretty much the same features. Since you focus so much on their eyes, i think the easiest thing to do would be to make all of their eyes a different shape.

My other big complaint is that the major fragments don't advance from one to the other on their own. They basically just stop at a black screen. I managed to watch each part individually, but that was still very annoying. I think the credits could have been better and showed off who did what voice since there is such great voice work on this thing! Finally, the subtitles need a proofread since there were some grammatical mistakes. Not anything that is ruining to the animation and overall I took a liking to it from start to finish.

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Shayphis responds:

Thanks for the review man :)

Actually your right about the features. I've already have been trying to make unique eye shapes for every character as a start, if i think of anything else that will help i'll throw it in as well.

And i'm not sure the full credits loaded for you because i was sure to put who voiced what in them. The movie does do that to some people unfortunately otherwise to runs fully without stopping. And lol yeah i typed too fast and make mistakes like that all the time, i'm watching out for that in the second episode :)

good work

love the music! l look forward to a sequel :)

Amazing job bud

As you've already stated the whole stick figure thing is a bit of an undershot for you. I look at the quality of your art and the detail in most your scenes and it's not only good, it's great given that you used a mouse and all. The use of stick figures in a piece of work with the quality you've already exhibited is just selling your audience short.
While the artistic design of the environments had me immersed in the series, the second the characters stepped into the picture I lost my connection with the beauty of it all; they were/are lifeless and extremely boring to watch.
Seeing the eyes move across a 2 dimensional facial plane is heart wrenching as I look at the BG and see the intricately detailed props and pieces.
Please consider for future projects (not this series) to utilize your skill and breath the same air into character design as you did your environments and I suspect you'll be amongst the best of the best here on NG!

Great work

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