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Assalamualaikum and Hey there,

This is somehow an informative flash animation, but delivered in more interesting way. This show how entertainment work, and effect us. An entertainment via Creative Multimedia. This was made for an assignment, hope ya'll like it.

EDIT: Wow, front paged already? Thanks Newgrounds. :3

SINCE the voice acting seem like a hot topic here, the voice actor himself wanna say something bout it:

" I want noted that I was aiming towards a Heath Ledger Joker but wasn't trying to go flown blown Heath Ledger, though it's the audience choice to believe if it was Joker or not"

EDIT 2: Thanks for voting, and getting the 5th Daily. :)

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it's just funny that you're preaching about how video-games, and other media brainwash people, and you choose to post it on a site inhabited primarily by gamers. if you were assigned to make it, that's fine, just don't post it on a site like this and expect gummie bears and sunshine in the reviews.
and it's a little ironic how the voice actor by his own admission was influenced by media (The Dark Knight) to model his voice acting (which was crap) after the joker. you can say he was trying to make a point, but it just came off hypocritical.
i don't write a lot of reviews, but i felt compelled to put one here, as you seemed so confused as to why you're getting harsh reviews, based on your comments here and on your page. better luck next time.
good animation though.

akoRn responds:

http://akorn.newgrounds.com/news/post /519382
smile dude

Whata ton of bullshit

You had no facts, no sources, and no idea what you were talking about. The animations were terribly done and you rambled too much.

akoRn responds:

http://akorn.newgrounds.com/news/post /519382
screw u. =D

3 stars cause of the animation was good

Your point is a good one but you have taken this way to far, games are not brain washing they are a source of relax or zone out from reality, they are also a great way for stress release, the fact that some people take it to seriously are very un-educated i.e you and people who go around schools and shoot their mates and teachers, I think you should re-look at your sources and have a long hard think about what you put across to others over the net, apart from that your animation skills are very good, try to use your skills with other animators and i bet you do some very good animations

Please comment me back as I would like to read your views on my post

akoRn responds:

http://akorn.newgrounds.com/news/post /519382
check out my previous work, u should find that they're delivered with a sufficient skills. thx

A few flaws

Good presentation but literally everything influences you including this flash it's a part of human existence if we didn't get influenced by things Newton would have never discovered gravity, Picasso's sunflowers would have never come into existence and the human race would have been just another animal and you speak about religion one of mankind's greatest influences like it is not one and it's being corrupted by the media..... the thing is everything influences but the fault lies with you whether you choose to take action upon it or let it affect you. Minus 1 point for voice acting and Minus 1 points for being hypocritical, just like the media your speaking of you using this flash to impose your views and ideals on other people and finally Minus 1 point for portraying gamers as mindless zombies with no lives easily controlled by the games they play and becoming violent just because they play violent games when physiological studies show that working out your frustrations through gaming has very positive results and many pundits who said otherwise were using completely false information and or knew nothing about the game "example: the sex scene in Mass Effect that showed nothing and lasted 2 seconds but was screamed at as porn by people who had never seen it" Over all a fairly decent flash even though I did not much care for the content.

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akoRn responds:

agreed part of ur opinion.. thx

it's actually true

but we're to lazy to do anything about it

akoRn responds:

thanks. and theres nothin much we can do really. :P

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