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Assalamualaikum and Hey there,

This is somehow an informative flash animation, but delivered in more interesting way. This show how entertainment work, and effect us. An entertainment via Creative Multimedia. This was made for an assignment, hope ya'll like it.

EDIT: Wow, front paged already? Thanks Newgrounds. :3

SINCE the voice acting seem like a hot topic here, the voice actor himself wanna say something bout it:

" I want noted that I was aiming towards a Heath Ledger Joker but wasn't trying to go flown blown Heath Ledger, though it's the audience choice to believe if it was Joker or not"

EDIT 2: Thanks for voting, and getting the 5th Daily. :)

Vote and comment please.
Thanks in advance.


wow the voice actor

sounds like hes got a serious case of autism
and not too funny really I:

akoRn responds:

not goin for funny. ever think bout that? hahaha

You are right

You are right Modinstaller.

Hmmm ... okay ...

Let's continue in your way. What you said means that you just brainwashed me. So what ?
We can't trust anyone ? We must become paranoiac and closed to any idea that come from someone else ?
All the opinions, the ideas that you got, that everyone got, whatever his religion, his age, his race, his location in the world, his identity, come from someone else, your parents, the persons who educated you, the medias, tv, press, ads, everything around you. I'm just saying you're telling here is total bullshit (if you think what you expose). I'm just saying (again if that's not a big joke) you should think twice (or more) before getting the philosophical illumation of the century.


Am I right or am I wrong, or haven't I got that the point of this flash is to make fools speak ?

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akoRn responds:

http://akorn.newgrounds.com/news/post /519382

nice on

makes me what to play left 4 dead

i never played it

lets see how it is or not?

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akoRn responds:

:) heeeeee


Was good...but little lazy, i dont get the whole idea with 3 words i ned 10 more :D

akoRn responds:

thx man. :)

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Sep 19, 2010
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