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Assalamualaikum and Hey there,

This is somehow an informative flash animation, but delivered in more interesting way. This show how entertainment work, and effect us. An entertainment via Creative Multimedia. This was made for an assignment, hope ya'll like it.

EDIT: Wow, front paged already? Thanks Newgrounds. :3

SINCE the voice acting seem like a hot topic here, the voice actor himself wanna say something bout it:

" I want noted that I was aiming towards a Heath Ledger Joker but wasn't trying to go flown blown Heath Ledger, though it's the audience choice to believe if it was Joker or not"

EDIT 2: Thanks for voting, and getting the 5th Daily. :)

Vote and comment please.
Thanks in advance.


Interesting but..

You talk about brainwashing and yet your voice actor seems to be ripping off the voice style of the Joker in The Dark Knight (poorly). I don't know whether it was intentional, but it really took away from the message your were to trying to portray.

Animation was good and well thought out, but yeah, you could of done better with the voice acting.

akoRn responds:

hmm.. would be helpful if u state what ' took away from the message your were to trying to portray' really mean?
anyway thx


i am entertained !

akoRn responds:

thanks. :D


when are you doing the religion one.

akoRn responds:

wallahualam (only Allah know better)

You sound like your about to cum

Didn't like it. Get a different voice actor.

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akoRn responds:

its been done.. but i love how he acted it. thx for sharin ur opinion tho

True but..

I agree but.. Submission to multimedia brainwashing is alot easier than free thought. Less math involved..

You sound like a joker wanna-be.

akoRn responds:

ok. :D

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3.70 / 5.00

Sep 19, 2010
12:15 PM EDT