Spore Wars Episode 1

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BRR and the others are searching for diamonds, But they find something more interesting than that.


........................well it was good (NOT!)

this i bullshit

that is not a movie! this is kindergarden movies!

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this is the worst experience of my life!blam this piece of crap!:(
featured crap!

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Come on, man

Wow...that was possibly the worst experience of my life. The sound was good, but thats only because I liked the background music. I couldn't hear any of the voices very well (There were voices there right?)

The art could be improved, which means "You suck at drawing" in politer terms. I'm pretty sure that the limbs of the creatures weren't actually attached to the bodies.

The plot was terrible. I'm not sure why its related to spore. If I am right (correct me if I'm wrong) the plot was "Hey lets go to a cave to test this thingy" "We found a viscous man-eating killer! The obvious thing to do is to bring it to life!" "AAAAA! Its killing us!" "Lets cover ourselves with meat in order to commit suicide" "We caught it, somehow!"

Its not that I don't believe in you, its just that you suck. Try your best to not suck, i.e. work HARD on the art, come up with a decent plot, and change the sound for the better, etc. Do all these things and you might be decent animator. I mean, I probably couldn't do better but if you want to be a future animator (and it says that you do on your profile) then please spend more time on it, and work harder on it.

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oooohhhhh my eyessss!!!!!!!!

need to work more on the movements and dialogue.

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1.98 / 5.00

Sep 19, 2010
7:35 AM EDT
Comedy - Parody