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Parody of Still Alive describing my love to Portal and my anticipation of Portal 2.

Sorry for my singing, it goes sometimes a little off, because program in which I adjusted my voice, messed up few notes.

Animation: At first I wanted to make animation full-scale animation for this, but main problem with it was that it wouldn't capture the style of Portal as much as classical credit graphic would. I'm not mocking end credits, only instead of credits you can read interesting facts about Portal.

Lyrics written by me and my friend.

It is a parody so it is not copyright violation ;-)

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this vid was awesome...


PrivateJoker152 responds:

I love when people do exactly what you did, because it means they paid attention :D thanks!

Jonathan Coulton is freakin awsome!

Now I never actually played Portal and really seen the game play so I have no idea as to what is so exciting about the second one, but that is another thing entirely and doesn't really relate to this review.

Any-hoo, Now this was actually pretty neat. Not much animation but whatever it still worked out for what your going for. The information was nice to read while listening to the song, and also reading along the lyrics was nice to.

The voice worked out perfectly with the song, course anyone who doesn't like Jonathan Coulton, well that's their own problem. Only one tiny problem I noticed was maybe about halfway through or so there's some crackling in the audio. Nothing big but it is noticeable.

Other than that you did a really great job. I was entertained and had a few laughs, so that's a plus. Thanks for sharing this, and would love to see more of your work.

PrivateJoker152 responds:

Cracking is caused by setting music to stream in flash and animation lagging a little (because text in flash is apparently difficult thing to processed, so amount of cracking depends on you CPU, if you want to hear non-cracking version it is on youtube, so check it out.
Thank you this review, especially considering that you didn't play the game so I would assume you would tear me down


I liked it. Very interesting stuff to read while listening to the song. What program did you use to alter your voice? That's an effect I always wanted to use in some tunes. Anywho, nice work & keep it coming! :-)

PrivateJoker152 responds:

I used Melodyne for changing the voice, there is actually quite nice tutorial on youtube how to do it!

Great parody

I watched it twice. First time for the song and lyrics, second for the info in the corner. Love this! Great work!

PrivateJoker152 responds:

that's exactly what I wanted, thanks!

It's cute

It's a nice little tribute, I was a bit excited when I saw there is an ASCII loader, I coudn't imagine what's this going to be.
It would have been better to submit this for the music portal, mocking the end ccredits is not really an interesting thing to see, even if was unique by design back in the game, it was a one hit wonder representation, for the secound time it's boring and uncreative. You could have made some animation instead for it, to keep the attention, cause I just write now this reviev during the movie, since I'm not really interested of the images there in the animation. Or if you couldn't do that much of an animationm just submit at the music portal and get a collaboartor.
Anyway it's charming, it's great to see you could made the singing voice as accurate as possible. The problem is even if it's a parody, the lines are not always fitting, and that breaks the experience. Since when this happens, doesn't feel intentional. It feels more like you couldn't have improoved it, so you kept it that way. It's important to match the syllable count with the rhythm. If you are breaking that, and not making the lines hilarious, or not doing it an absurd way, then it's just breaks the experience, so keep in mind that next time.
I give you a 6, it's a bit above avarage, and there where some funny lines, but the presentation is not remarkable and the lines are a bit stiff.

PrivateJoker152 responds:

I wasn't mocking the end credits, I was only copying their style, my first idea was to make animation for it, but I noticed animation to be too distracting and it didn't pass the message as well as this did. This supposed to be parody and in this case parody in the form to copy their credits style as well as I could.
Also for people who would be bored with lyrics there is a plenty of intersting facts about game itself, so I had my angles covered, but you are right that it is not exactly animation.
But definitely thank you for your input :)

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Sep 19, 2010
6:22 AM EDT
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