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GoldGrubber's Treasure

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Cap'n GoldGrubber wants to retire and you must collect his hidden treasure to make sure he can live the good life.

Follow the compass to the nearest treasure and click on the tile you are standing on to dig up the treasure.

ALSO be sure to check out the secret treasure instructions to find the SUPER SECRET TREASURES.

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cool game

pretty cool game 10 stars :)

Haven't played the game yet

But merely listening to the music theme, a cover of Santiano by Hugues Aufray, is enough to have me rate 5 and give you 10 stars straight away.
Cheers from France!

Good Game

This game is quite entertainment and giving the secret treasure gives it a + but once you upgrade everything (at around day 8-9) The game becomes very easy, the only challenge if you want to call it is to look for the hidden map. Nice game though.

JackSmack responds:

Yeah I made this with my wife as the test subject. She isn't that good at games so it's kinda easy.

good game

lagged a bit when digging up treasures but otherwise ok. btw dunno how but i managed first in 2days ranking

Good fun

liked it but found the directions for the secret treasure frustrating as i have no idea whats meant by " a lucky number " cause nearly every country has a different view on whats considered a lucky number