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The Killing Cove

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A present day tragedy that Dolphins endure at the hands of the fisherman and Dolphin dealers who hunt them is unfolding today in parts of the world like Taiji, Japan.

Find out how many Dolphins you can save playing "The Killing Cove" and also learn what you can do to help stop the senseless murdering and imprisonment of these friendly and intelligent creatures.

About Ocean's Fury Conservationist Group

Ocean's Fury is a group dedicated to the awareness and restoration for the Earth's most valuable resource, the oceans. Social Change is only changed by the passion embodying individuals, please help join the cause to stop commercial whaling and the useless slaughter of our world's sea life. On this page you will get updates from the IWC and other organizations that are part of the cause as well as stories, facts and video on our world's incredible ocean life.

v 1.3

So today I was able to complete most of v 1.3. Alot of cool things added and tweaked, I plan on adding a bit more, but I wanted to share the WIP at this point.

-Added option to shut down info panels
-Added more effects to nets
-Added Conserve Points
-Added combo bonuses
-Added two human intervention actions (Surfer and Net Cut)

Let me know what you think!

v 1.2

updated the game to version 1.2, faster moving Dolphins and I added nets, The fisherman cast the nets out and pick them up randomly during the game, getting in a net causes a Dolphin to do a 180 in the opposite direction! Next update will include Human intervention power ups. Stay Tuned!

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I personally think it was a good idea to try and submit this. The gameplay is nice, and the message is smart. I respect what you're trying to do here, and I hope the game does make a difference, even if not everyone on newgrounds cares, or not.

P.S. I have an idea for one of the updates. Is there any way you can incorperate spending your conserve points between weeks on upgrades? like making the dolphins faster, or smart enough to automatically swim away from nets or fisherman boats? This could help improve the gameplay a bit more, and make the game more attractive.

boring game

i'm not here to save the dolphins, i'm here to play games and send my brain to a few minutes vacation. and the game starts to be boring immediately at second wave.

Great game Great message

Great game guys fun too
Also i like the option to learn more instead of having it shoved down our throats good stuff guys

Not Bad

i like the concept of informing people while playing but from a gameply perspective i found it very boring. A few times i didn't have to play at all just let my dolphins rush past the fishermen. also the info bubbles are a bit too intrusive mabye make them appear between waves.


Not bad. It wasn't very intricate, some sort of leveling and power-up system would be nice. I think this would have been better if developed so that we could play as the fisherman - the game has more potential that way.
But I suppose you made it for the message, so I guess it's not going to happen.