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Super Zombie World Part 1

rated 3.78 / 5 stars
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Sep 18, 2010 | 8:44 AM EDT
  • Daily 3rd Place September 19, 2010

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Author Comments

EDIT: By the way, if anyone likes the sprites in this video, just ask and I'll give them to you.
EDIT: Anyone know why it lags? It worked fine in Flash.

The Marioverse is now infested with zombies as Mario and Co try to get back on their feet.

I really like Mario. I really like zombies. What if there was a movie with both? Ta da.

So this is part 1 of x. I couldn't fit the whole movie into one flash, so I just decided to split it. Part 2 will come when I make it.

Fun facts: This movie took me 5 months to make, but it had been planned long before that. It is exactly 16000 frames long. The movie is 666.6 seconds long, or 11.11 minutes long. It is made of 633 movie clips.

Also, I'd like to thank the voice actors.



Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

This is excellent.

The voice acting is very good (though could use some improvement), and the story has been engaging right from the start. Looking forward to the next part!

MurderMysteryMan responds:

Thank you :)


Rated 3 / 5 stars


Something that bowser actually didn't do? i'm shocked. The only thing out of place was the thwomps. How can a block of stone become a zombie? I would have enjoyed the humor if the comic relief character wasn't a sign with changing text. If everything he said was typed onto his face now that would have been funny and then having to backspace before he could talk again. XD But that is just me. Being a zombie movie everyone anticipated someone to die but it left me dissapointed. Toadette didn't get any time in other than being introduced and then her death was being flattened by apparently walking up to a zombie plant or did you not want to animate Petey running and collasping on her? Well I'm done and anticipate the next one.

MurderMysteryMan responds:

How can a block of stone fly? Seriously guys, Thwomps are ALIVE, and thus susceptible to being a zombie. If there wasn't such thing as Zombie Thwomps, then the Mario World would just bring rise to a Thwomp civilization. FUN movie.

Bill Board is awesome.

Toadette died. And you'll have to wait until the other parts to watch other people die..... I didn't WANT to split it into parts.... Petey collapsed on her. I made it how I did to be dramatic.


Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

A Great Idea

A great twist to the Mario universe. I love the original idea.

The voice acting was pretty good for the most part although some parts sounded a bit hollow and I think Toadsworth could have had a better voice. It seemed a little too unnatural to me.

I like the music selection. It fits the zombie/mario setting quite nicely for the most part.

Good editing on the zombie sprites as well.

A unique and interesting story. I'm waiting for the next part. Good Job.

MurderMysteryMan responds:

Thank you :)


Rated 4.5 / 5 stars


At first I thought it would be some shitty animation from a 10 year old but its actully awesome.
Hate cliffhangers.

MurderMysteryMan responds:

I couldn't do anything about the cliffhanger, unless you wanted me to rush the end, but thank you nonetheless. :)


Rated 4.5 / 5 stars


I was pleasantly suprised to hear some nice voice acting instead of the usual spritish voices from games. It was funny, had a good plot and nice designs of zombies. Also the credits were fantasticly presented. Great job! I'll be sure to stay tuned for the other parts

MurderMysteryMan responds:

Thanks, and good to see people are watching the credits :)