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Super Zombie World Part 1

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Author Comments

EDIT: By the way, if anyone likes the sprites in this video, just ask and I'll give them to you.
EDIT: Anyone know why it lags? It worked fine in Flash.

The Marioverse is now infested with zombies as Mario and Co try to get back on their feet.

I really like Mario. I really like zombies. What if there was a movie with both? Ta da.

So this is part 1 of x. I couldn't fit the whole movie into one flash, so I just decided to split it. Part 2 will come when I make it.

Fun facts: This movie took me 5 months to make, but it had been planned long before that. It is exactly 16000 frames long. The movie is 666.6 seconds long, or 11.11 minutes long. It is made of 633 movie clips.

Also, I'd like to thank the voice actors.



-The music. Very well selection of music and remixes.

-The animation. Well, it's not the best, but it is FAR from bad. Hopefully this will get better with new episodes.

-How the zombies looked. They looked kickass.

-The voice acting. Well, not a lot of complaints here. Just change Toadsworth's voice, cuz he sounds like a teenager with a sore throat(no offense), and the voices were a bit quiet. Also get itallian people to do Mario and Luigi's voice.

-Characters were out of character. Luigi should be a pussy(like when Mario asked if they agreed, Luigi should've been hesitant), Peach, well, I personally liked how she was all kickass, but it isn't like her.

-The backstory. There barely was any backstory at all. But the story itself was okay.

-How the zombies looked. Their eyes are gradient. I know this is trying to show us it's glowing, but it just isn't working. Also, add more movement to them please. And flesh wounds(I know that this is the first episode, so I won't take any stars off).

MurderMysteryMan responds:

Good: Thanks, I worked hard on it.

Bad: lol, know any Italians? Luigi does have a strong side in many of the games. lol at Peach. Okay, everyone looking at this right now. I wasn't going to say anything, but you'll find about HOW it happened at the end. Okay? I don't see the problem with the gradient. I put holes :P

Thank you :)

Potential is obvious... but be careful

I see some fine potential with this to be a good series, but I still think there are a few things that need to be checked....
1- Credits- I get that crediting where you get sprites from and who is voicing who is important, BUT do you do not need to include it twice!
2- Storyline and plot- The plot is fine (zombies rise up and start killing everyone but a few survivors set off on a suicidal mission and some die on the way to find the solution to the problem and so on...) BUT you moved too fast (literally I thought it was lag at first but you just jump from shot to shot too much) I couldn't even see what happened to toadette and Petey other than he suddenly lies flat on the ground and she jumps on the plane window as a zombie.
3- Animation- The animation of the dialogue is fine and so is the sprite movement, but that being said... just seeing all the characters walking and shooting off screen zombies that are then laid on their path as they walk by is not very good for anything
4- Cast of characters- Mario game characters, what more is there to say other than that.... ohh and Why Ludwig? seriously why did you pick Ludwig as the only surviving Koopaling?
5-Voice Acting- The voice actors did a great job themselves, but you may want to include subtitles, because some things are a tad unclear at first.

That's all for now, but if you fix those few things you have a potentially great series going.

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MurderMysteryMan responds:

1-It was the movie's opening, with drama and the such, you don't have to actually watch the credits, it is optional.
2-No, it was lag.....Toadette was squashed....
3-true for some, false for others
4-If it were real, you wouldn't get to choose who survives and who doesn't.
5-Thank you for being positive with the voice actors.

Thank you :)

not bad

but voice acting couldve been alot better , you did the animation well though. i like the idea of bowser working with mario , havent seen that since super mario rpg. the large amount of characters was smart because lots of people will die in a zombie movie. i think your putting in a bit too much to show how much the people have changed in the attack , they are not like theyre original selves at all at this point. too much is happening too fast , events that happened in this small amount of time are : zombies attack , survivor found , left tree house , boss fight with petey , death of a survivor , got on plane , and then a massive swarm comes together at the end in the sky. the sky is vast yet they all were jammed together. you never even said how it all got started , or how they found/made that hideout in the tree. itd be smart to mention such things in future episodes im not trying to be mean by saying all this , im trying to give you constructive criticism. now i see there is potential in this , it just needs some fine touches.

sincerely ,

MurderMysteryMan responds:

It is PART ONE. Give some time if you're going to critique the plot.

I have a script already made. I'm not changing it.

but thank you :)

I seriously loved it! but....

Alright...Sorry to say but,
The voice acting was a bit too quiet, zombies were to fast and The sound effects are louder than their supposed to be.

Also, I thought it'd be longer...:c

But still awesome. ^_^

MurderMysteryMan responds:

bandwagon effect, seriously, one person says something about the voice acting and I have to hear about it a dozen times, but at no other point

Thanks :)


The animation has some good potential, but..

as 'NG-Judge" stated, the back story was a bit bland, it also seemed to move very quickly. once you found out that they were in a tree house they leave it.

The voice acting seemed to scripted, especially toadsworth towards the end, and bill_board.I'd also suggest Subtitles (Toggled maybe), doing fake italian accents can really diminish the quality of.. words? (sorry cant thing of a good way to say that)

There wasn't much to it.. mostly just sprites falling over after a bang, although bowser' fire-breath was a great addition (at that point i was expecting a napalm or something)

the biggest problem i had in this kinda scheme was the very ending with the mob of zombies, they appeared to be in a flat wall, no dimensions added to it, making it not look as good, or as large of an army.

I'm looking forward to a good continuation on this and that you can make it a good series. I hate to compare, but this reminds m of Alvin's Super Mario bros Z Ep.1. looking back on epi1 now it looks kinda bad compared to ep. 8. I'm hoping your skills in animating scripting and voice directing become better as his did throughout the making of this series
//Sorry for making such a long comment n.n;
Good luck ^- ^

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MurderMysteryMan responds:

Story, maybe you'll find out more of the story.
Audio, scripted? Like I wrote a script? Yes, that's correct. I was going to put subtitles, but left them out. Maybe next time.
Action, it's just part 1, action will come
Visuals, hmm, didn't think of it
Oh, it's fine, I really appreciate it. Thank you :)

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Credits & Info

3.78 / 5.00

Sep 18, 2010
8:44 AM EDT
  • Daily 3rd Place September 19, 2010