Stitchland Conflict

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Exterminator 5 Points

Reached 30 kills per level

Eradicator 10 Points

Reached 60 kills per level

Demolished 25 Points

Use Air Strike for the 1st time

Disintegrate 25 Points

Use Proton Gun for the 1st time

Dismantled 25 Points

Use Shockwave for the 1st time

Pulverized 25 Points

Use Air Cav for the 1st time

Terminator 25 Points

Reached 90 kills per level

Freezeland 50 Points

Beat Boss 1

Kill Off 50 Points

Reached 120 kills per level

Mountyland 50 Points

Beat Boss 3

Scorchedland 50 Points

Beat Boss 2

Greenyland 100 Points

Beat Boss 4

Author Comments

An action/shooter game made out of Stitch art graphics. Yes. It's not pixel art but stitch art.

Repel the invaders back to their turf by using a state of the art war machine. Bring peace to your homeland and end the conflict once and for all.

-12 Levels
-12 Enemies
-8 Devastating weapons
-4 Bosses
-21 achievement to unlock
-Yummy stitch art graphics

Hello guys! Hope you enjoy the game!

******************UPDATE viral v1.2*********************
-Increase difficulty
******************UPCOMIN G UPDATE viral v1.3*********************
-Fix flash performance
-Increase difficulty

******************Revert back to viral v1.3*********************
-Still fixing the medals.. Sorry guys. :(

******************Viral v4*********************
-Medals fixed!

Newgrounds thanks for the frontpage!



I love this game, but you need more maniac and terrorific bosses. like a giant tank or truck, it reminds me the silkworm 1 from nes

to laggy

screen fills up with 50 planes all a sudden and lags out :(

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Not Original.

Great Game, but this is sadly a remake. When I started the first mission I immediately thought of PopCaps' Heavy Weapon. These games are the same except for a couple differences. This game has a different art style and is not as good as PopCaps', but is still a good game nevertheless.

found a bug, and some other stuff xD

when the shield is still active at the end of a level, the shield energy will be drained if you start the next one - and drained at double speed if you really activate it :D

one of the soundtracks during the game is used in a flash "compilatoin" of mine i made with a friend (zholat, also on ng)
watch "brainstorming" to find out where the soundtrack is XD (dont be too demanding)

the game itself was good, had nice graphics, but was too easy.
a solution would be deleting the health packs - or at least the 100% ones - or turning their spawnrate down to 1 per lvl or something.
OR to make the base weapons cost money - the railgun is just too good to be free.

Exploit rapid click

WEREWOLF01 is right: rapidly clicking with the railgun (or the grenade lanucher) will allow you to fire speedily without overheating, although GL does eventually reload. But you do need to fix that :P otherwise great game, but howsabout a replay level option and maybe customizable robot?

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Credits & Info

3.80 / 5.00

Sep 17, 2010
10:08 AM EDT
Action - Shooter - Horizontal Flight